Freezing Cauliflower

IMG_1577IMG_1580I was blessed when a friend gave me an entire banana box full of cauliflower she had gleaned from a field that was about to be tilled up.  I was delighted to get it and decided to freeze it.  Some of it was a little muddy from the field, but I washed it very well and then chopped it into pieces.  Then I blanched it for 3 minutes in boiling water in my blanching pot.  You could drop it into a pot of boiling water and fish it out with a sieve after 3 minutes if you didn’t have one, but having it contained in a colander makes it easier.  After that, the cauliflower was dumped into cold water in my very clean sink.  The water was changed frequently so the cauliflower could cool down.  When it floats, it is still too warm.  Once it sinks, it is cool enough and was fished out and placed into a colander to drain.  I was able to get 30 quart sized zip-top bags full.  We love it eat it with cheese on top during the winter.  It was a totally unexpected way to spend my evening, and I was very tired when I finally got to bed last night, but I was excited to have the cauliflower.  A lot of food preservation happens when you “seize the moment” and I’m glad I did!  My food storage was increased by quite a bit because my friend thought of me.

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