Moving Update–May 5


I feel like I’ve finally turned a corner!  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually get this huge project finished!!!  After working on these shelves for parts of 3 days, yesterday they were finally conquered.  The food that is still there is for the next couple of weeks.  The bin is gluten-free flours and grains that I will keep accessible while we are in the camper.


This is only part of what was on them a while back!  Everything has now been sorted and packed. Numerous glass gallon jars, plastic containers and empty ice cream buckets full of dry beans, rice, sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal, lentils, split peas, etc. have mostly been packed as well.


Most boxes are stacked, ready to be stored in my aunt’s garage over the summer.  They will likely not be needed, though, until after the move.   4-5 bins are going to be left very accessible, so I can replenish my supply in the camper.  That was part of the huge sorting process–choosing an assortment of this and that, anything easy to cook, instant potatoes, jarred spaghetti sauce, etc.–the kind of things I save and rarely use under normal circumstances. Well, the day has come to use it–or the summer, I should say.

I also have been able to empty several shelves, my aunt undid the china cabinet the rest of the way, used books have been sold, more items have been sorted out for the charity shops, some has been donated, and several loads have gone to the storage unit.  Rob burned a huge pile of debris and trash yesterday, and is making a scrap pile for the scrap guy, and a pile for the dump.

The appraisal is today, and is the last big hurdle.  There should be no problem with that, according to our realtor.  While they are doing that, we will go get a p.o. box in the nearest town next to my sister’s place.  Time is really flying along, and the next couple of weeks are turning out to be quite busy.

In the meanwhile, the girls have a dance recital next Saturday, and the paperwork has finally moved along with Patsy’s adoption, so we are going to go before the judge for an adoption ceremony on May 17!   It never rains, but it pours:)  Thankfully, we have the costumes for the recital, and the dress for the adoption.  Rob and  I got her a pair of shoes Tuesday, he will buy her a corsage, and we will be good to go!  At last.  I’m glad.  It just feels right, getting that done before we move.  She’s waited so long for this and is more than ready.  We all are.

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  1. I’m so thrilled you have a date to finalize the adoption!! That’s wonderful.

    1. Thank you Sheila. We are so excited. She has lived with us for over 2-1/2 years and has been in foster care for over 3. It feels like forever to her–it’s about 1/4 of her life. I think in some ways she was almost giving up hope that it was ever going to happen, so I’m super happy for her, as well as us.

  2. I bet you are exhausted!! You are just moving right along. When do you think you will be completely moved out? We so badly need to get some of the things that we are not using and take to our storage. Winter clothing needs to go too. We wont need our sweat shirts, pants, etc, anytime soon. lol So happy about Patsy’s adoption. Truly a blessing for all.

    1. We aim to be done on Saturday, the 21st. We technically have until the 25th, but family and friends need to come on a Saturday. We will be living in the camper right here on this property by then, anyway. We won’t move it to my sister’s until Monday, the 23rd, after Patsy goes to school. I will be driving her back and forth until the end of the school year and it’s going to be quite a drive. Also, if there are any last minute things, we will have a couple of days to do them. That’s the plan, anyway:)

      We are excited we finally have a date for the adoption. She’s been free since September, but things just take a long time.

      1. Well, the best things comes to those who wait! The adoption date will be here before you know it. It takes so much planning for moving. The 21st is right around the corner! School should be out soon, so at least that wont be a long time of driving back and forth!

  3. How lovely that the adoption is this month. She looks like such a sweet girl. That’s my mom’s birthday and would of been their 59 anniversary but my dad passed last year.

    I will keep you all in my prayers that day for the most wonderful of days!

  4. Aww congratulations on Patsy’s adoption! What a wonderful milestone, and how special that you celebrate such a special time.
    I’m sure the appraisal will go well, and I’m sure it will be good to have that last hurdle over with.
    Great job clearing all those shelves…that is a lot of food to pack up and move. How did you go about stocking up so well? I would love to try to have a 3-6 month food supply.
    Have a great week.

    1. Thanks!

      Yes, I have quite a few boxes of food, even after purposefully using up a whole bunch of it over the last few months.

      How I got so stocked up: I started replying, and realized it was going to be a very long answer. I’ll do a post on that very soon.

  5. Wow, what a huge job that must have been sorting all that food! I bet your glad that part is done.

    Congratulations on your pending adoption, Patsy! You must be so thrilled to officially and legally become part of the family.

    1. Rhonda, I was starting to think I’d never get done! But, now it is, and I’m just hoping I kept out the right amount, etc. But, done is done, and as much as it would aggravate me to buy some things I KNOW are in a box, I did my best and will live with the results! I feel like I’m packing my covered wagon, but at least I have stores and the pioneers did not:)

      Thanks for the congratulations. We are excited.

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