Garden Update-June 6, 2017


I decided to focus on the flower garden today.  I have the first dahlia blooming.  These are bulbs that the previous owners planted, and there are 2 bushes that are looking vigorous and loaded with blooms.  I wasn’t sure they would make it through the extra-cold winter we had, but here they are!


My sister gave me some starts from her dahlias.  They are coming up well in several places.  I know some are red–and some are “surprise!”  I’m eagerly waiting to see which is which.


The wax begonias and impatients are starting to grow and bloom.


The later peonies are blooming.  The red ones are done.  I planted marigolds and petunias along the edge of the flowerbed.  I can see some Calla Lillies coming up as well, here and there.  In the back (on the far left) the little zinnia seeds have come up, and I should have a double row of bright zinnias once summer comes.


I got this “firecracker” geranium at a local nursery.  It’s very striking and showy and is blooming more and more already.


I also got these geraniums with the varigated leaves.  This area needs HELP, obviously.  It wasn’t getting enough water until Rob adjusted it, so the only thing that is growing well is the weeds!!  I don’t think the dirt is very good in this area, as well.


The basil is growing well. I even robbed 3 leaves off of it for a sandwich I made.  Yum!  I have a second batch growing in the garden, too.

The food garden is growing well, there just haven’t been many changes.  The delicata squash came up–5 of them.  Birds or squirrels took out 3 of them so far, and the other 2 are only 1/2 there.  So, I’ll go buy a plant.  Things are sprouting, growing, blooming, and setting fruit–Lots going on!  I have been eating lots of lettuce.  It is just beautiful and tasty right now.


The Sungold cherry tomatoes are setting little tomatoes.  I’m looking forward to those.  A few years ago, a teen boy we know got us hooked on those.  He would give Rob a little basketful frequently from his raised bed garden and Rob would eat a few then and there, and bring the rest home.  We knew we had to grow them.  They are so tasty.  Yum!

The people who lived here obviously loved flowers and gardening.  All spring, there has been a steady succession of perennials blooming–both bulbs and plants.  They especially loved iris I think, because there have been 4-5 different kinds, at least.  The latest one is the yellow ones that just bloomed.  They are really tall and matched Ja’Ana’s dance costume perfectly.   There are several rose bushes, but they need some fertilizer or something.  There is a lot of black spot on them, as well.  I’ve been trimming them up, and getting some blooms.  I’m really happy to have so many flowers blooming–it is very cheerful!  The berry bushes are doing well, also, and I will have strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries.


8 thoughts on “Garden Update-June 6, 2017”

  1. The firecracker geranium is terrific. I love some of the new geraniums coming out these days. I see your rhubarb too! I enjoyed the tour of your garden. My basil is not doing well. Maybe I should replant and try again.

    1. I plant basil several times each summer. Then if I lose a crop, I have another one coming. I sometimes have slugs eat my seedlings, sometimes the basil goes to seed, sometimes we eat it all–there are lots of ways to lose a crop. Sometimes I grab a big handful of basil seeds at the Dollar Store–they are 25c per package, so I don’t worry so much if they don’t come up.

      Right now, I had 5 squash seeds come up and the birds or squirrels ate 3 completely and 2 are 1/2 there. Now, one more is coming up. Here’s hoping! So, that’s my current war!!

  2. Roses like banana peels. I just throw them under the rose bushes. You have been so blessed with your new home. Enjoy it every moment.

    1. That’s a good idea. I’ve also heard they like ashes, so I dump those on them during the winter. I’ve never put any banana peels on, though.

  3. Your garden is awesome!
    Your post reminded me of my house in WA state. The former owners were also gardeners and it really showed. Each month during spring, summer and fall something new would bloom.
    Love your photos, too!

    1. Thank you. I’m loving all the things coming up that I did not plant. I’ve found a few I’m going to move around, but most are just fine the way they are!

  4. Oh wow! I have never seen a Japanese iris as tall as that yellow one! It is beautiful! The firecracker geranium is new to me. I wonder if we have them on the east coast. I have about 30 pots of geraniums with variegated leaves that I over winter in my garage. Some are at least 10 years old. I have Scarlett Meidillan (sp) roses blooming and that is about it. The only fertilizer that I ever give to my roses is banana peels. Some say you have to chop them up but we just pitch the whole thing under the plant and be done with it. Black spot will surely be a problem here too since we have had so much rain. The weather here has really messed up the plants and even my geraniums that would normally be covered with blooms are just starting to put on buds. All my tomato plants have blooms coming out today. The plants look great and healthy so I am hopeful that the crop will be good this year. My basil and parsley are up so things are looking good even though I got such a late start, That is great that you have inherited someone else love for flowers. What fun to have so many surprises at your new house!

    1. Thanks for telling me what kind of iris it is. I’ve never had a Japanese iris before. I recognized the Dutch iris, and bearded iris and something that looked like wild iris, but the yellow one was new to me.

      I’m glad your garden is showing signs of hope. We are supposed to get some rain tomorrow, so I bought 2 squash plants to replace the seedlings the birds/squirrels(?) keep eating off and planted them today. I also planted a hydranga I got 1/2 price at Fred Meyers the other day. After some weeding, I had to get on to other things, but it’s nice to do a bit every day I can.

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