Garden Update–May, 2019

The garden is really starting to grow. We had unseasonably hot weather for about a week, then it has rained off and on for the past week. Things are getting a great start! Rob’s little tomatoes exceeded all expectations. I think I’ll let him grow them every year!

Do you notice all those squash-like sprouts amongst the green beans? I think every single squash seed we composted came up in the garden. Some squash and pumpkins rotted, and we threw them out there, too. I have areas where it seems like the sprouts are raising a mound, like a molehill, of baby plants. I’ve never seen that many before! The sad thing is that we have no idea what is what–they are too close, there are too many, they could be crossed with other things, a seed from a hybrid, etc., so I’m pulling and hoeing them up:(. Still, it’s amazing to watch. And, I have lots of baby green bean plants up, too, and I’m glad. I need to can and can green beans!

The new raised beds are growing great, although I kind of think the lettuce doesn’t like the coffee grounds as much as the strawberries do.

It’s still pretty small. I think the garden lettuce will soon catch up, even though it was planted so much later.

One blueberry bush is loaded. The other one isn’t. The 2 baby bushes have a few on them. There will be plenty.

I think there will be lots of raspberries before long!

The established strawberries are happy with all the attention I’ve given them this spring.

All in all, I’m very pleased with how it’s all coming along. I really have quite a bit of canning and freezing to do this summer, since vegetable man has been eating so many this past year! It’s so worth it to me. So healthy and fun:). I really enjoy gardening, and love the exercise I get while doing it.

12 thoughts on “Garden Update–May, 2019”

  1. Wow. Everything is looking great. Y’all are one hard working crew over there but the beauty of your labors is clearly showing up in your garden. Lots of canning to be done.

    1. Thanks! I do like to keep busy. In fact, I have looked at my Daytimer 3 times today in disbelief–I don’t have a single thing on it until I head out to work around 2 tomorrow! Crazy! I am just debating between 150 things to do in the morning–LOL!

  2. Wow, looks great!! Looks like it will be a great gardening year, and all your hard work will pay off. Nothing tastes better to me than a tomato right out of the garden.

    1. I love garden tomatoes, too. At least I have lots of people to share with, because as much as I love them, there are a LOT of plants out there. I do need to can a lot this year, so I’m actually excited to have a lot. Last year, when the pear and black cherry tomatoes were producing so much, we fed them to the college age group whenever we could. Hopefully, we can do the same this year.

  3. Your garden is so far ahead of mine. I still only have kale and peas planted. The kale is going crazy. I let several plants go to seed last year so it has taken off on its own. My strawberries look about the same as yours. My blueberry bushes didn’t make it through the winter. I am so glad I got all of the free raspberry canes free earlier this year. I am not expecting anything from them this year but hoping they do well for next year.

    1. I’m so sorry about your berries. Hopefully, the new ones will produce before too long!

      I hope you like kale if it is going crazy! I have to confess, I can’t get Rob to eat kale. At all! I wish he liked it. It grows well around here!

  4. I throughly enjoy your garden and canning updates. Husband and I would love to garden more but our backyard has many full grown cottonwood trees. So, I will have to get by with the four tomato plants and the shade-loving flowers and hosta. Have tried kale and leaf lettuce in the past but that never really worked out. We have one white cat who loves to dig in the dirt. But then again, maybe she was a gardener in a previous life.

    1. You know, the only time I really couldn’t get even zucchini to grow was in a house I once live in where the backyard was completely shaded. It just won’t work! And, I just ran back home to my parents’ garden and happily canned away–thanks Mom and Dad!

  5. You have accomplished so much this month! I am a month behind reading your posts so I am doing a reading marathon.

    This past month has been brutal, working the busy season at my job and trying desperately to get my garden out before the hot weather hits. The job is finally slowing down but the hot weather is gearing up!

    Your garden is amazing. The way you pack so much into a small area is smart. Ever thought about weighing everything harvested to see how much you get? I have tried doing it but then I get busy and forget.

    Be sure to post some pictures when you cut the artichokes. I have never grown them and am too cheap to pay the outrageous prices in the grocery store.


    1. I’m glad you are doing ok. I’ve been pretty crazy busy as well. It is so difficult to get all the yard and garden work done, along with the normal activities. But, I’m done with homeschool, and it’s freed up some time for other things.

      I don’t pay for artichokes, either, unless they are on the bargain produce rack. Patsy loves them so much, and has been eating them frequently. Most of mine are not big, like the ones at the store. They are babies, and so tender. You can actually just eat the middle, and the inner leaves since they are so tender, after cooking of course.

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