Rob’s Surgery update #1–June 29, 2020

Rob had his surgery today and I’m happy to report that the it went very well.

Because of Covid-19, things were done differently. We parked and were let in a side door of the hospital. We were ushered into a small room with a bed and sliding door and they got Rob ready for surgery while I sat on a chair tucked into the corner. Then, when it was time, they rolled him away, and I was left in the small room for a couple of hours. It went by surprisingly quickly, and the doctor came and talked to me, and told me it went very well. I waited there another hour or so, then was ushered to join Rob in his room. Of course, everyone wore masks.

To my surprise, Rob was talking and smiling when I entered the room and made perfect sense:). After some time, the physical therapist came in and got him up for a walk. When he stood for the first time, I was brought to tears. Instead of my hunched over, pain-ridden husband, I was standing next to my tall, pain-free husband with such a happy expression on his face. He hasn’t been able to stand up straight for quite some time. When I left, the operation pain meds were still kicked in, he had very little pain, and he only needed a Tylenol. At one point, he said with wonder, “I guess I can feel a little tiny pinch, but that’s all!” The expectation is that he will get some pain during the night, and that will give him more meds as needed. But, with all the pain he’s been in, even one afternoon with none was phenomenal to him!

To be realistic, he has a long ways to go to heal and build up his weakened muscles, but he’s off to a great start. He’ll have to use a walker for a while, and have extensive physical therapy. There are rules to follow and exercises to do for the best recovery possible. I can’t wait! I hope to bring him home tomorrow, but that’s up to the doctor.

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  1. Thank God for Rob’s successful surgery! Remember to get
    rest yourself and to allow your family and friends to help
    you both, as needed.

    1. Thank you. We have the relatives lined up pretty much every day to come over and help out, plus offers of more people who would like to come. I’m thinking we need to be somewhat careful, due to Covid, so we are starting with the small handful of people we have been in close proximity to the entire time, so that’s my sisters, brother-in-law, mother and aunt. Then, we will likely branch out to adult children, other relatives, etc. So many people would love to come visit, but we’ll need to see if they are willing to visit outside, using proper social distancing, because we don’t want him to get Covid while he’s trying to recover from surgery.

      1. We have had over 100,000 positive cases of COVID19
        here in Los Angeles county so I think taking all needed
        precautions is the intelligent course. Be well!

        1. That’s a lot of Covid. I hope you and yours stay well. We jokingly referred to ourselves as being on “Phase Zero” to the nurses:)

  2. Oh my gosh, that brought tears to my eyes! I’m so glad things went well. I was thinking about you all day today. Thank you for the update

  3. What great news, Becky! This is a definite answer to many, many prayers on Rob’s behalf.
    In addition to Karen and I, our church small group has been praying for Rob since at least last fall. We are all thankful for what God has and continues to do in Rob.

    1. Thank you for all your prayers, from you and your small group. Rob is doing amazingly well. It’s almost unbelievable. He is feeling a tiny bit of pain, he compares to sore muscles, in the bad leg this morning, so we got out the ice pack back out right away. But, that was after being up and around for a little time. He even stir-fried his morning veggies, like he does every day–the only difference was I had to fetch and carry things for him, and he has a lot of restrictions like not bending down, etc. And, there is the walker, getting in the way, but I’m so amazed–this is only the 3rd day! Ron will come this afternoon and just be here while he takes his first shower, but we aren’t really anticipating him needing much help. We just want to be safe.

  4. Hi Becky. Long time reader, first time commenter from Dublin, Ireland! I found your blog through Brandy’s blog when you were going through a difficult time when Rob’s job ended some years ago. We were going through a similar thing and your blog gave me strength and encouragement – thank you 🙂 I was thinking of Rob yesterday and so pleased to hear the surgery went well. Wishing him a speedy recovery. Delighted for you both that it is done. Try and get some rest yourself.

    1. I’m glad you got some encouragement from the blog. I always hope that our hard experiences can help someone–

      I hope your situation has resolved in a good fashion. Sometimes time helps, at least for me.

      Rob’s feeling amazingly well after his surgery. Now to keep him from over-doing….:)

  5. I had a herniated disc fixed four years ago and it was a blessed event! Prior to that glorious surgery, I had incapacitating back spasms that shot down my back to my feet for four weeks. Like I could only lay clenched on the couch and cried going to the bathroom. When I awoke from surgery it was gone! I kept on saying “Why is there no pain? Am I paralyzed?” I am so happy Rob finally got relief:)

  6. Sounds like Rob is off to a great start! I have had both knees replaced 3 years apart. As you know the key to success is therapy, therapy, therapy and Ice, ice, ice.
    Hopefully he will be sent home with a polar pack ice machine. It really helps with pain and swelling. With mine we found that 4 – 16 oz water bottles (pour a little out and freeze them) worked great in the machine. It sure beat freezing ice cubes all the time and they lasted longer than ice cubes. We refroze them many times. After the first surgery the day I went home from the hospital I told the doctor that as much as it hurts now it is so much better than before. Good luck, I know you guys will do great!

    1. At the classes, they said at their clinic the ice machines are very effective for knees, but not hips so much. But, we do have some special ice packs Rob ordered off the internet, and they are working very well. We are icing a lot. He has basically no pain, but today is the day he might get some, so it’s time to be careful. He’s got exercises, and they want him to walk, walk, walk. Our house is very small, so he’s just gone up and down the hall several times, then rested.

      1. Well, I was way off. I thought he was having a knee replaced. I am so glad he is home and doing well! Blessings to all of you!

        1. Every other person in the class we took was getting a knee replacement. There seems to be a lot of them needing to be done!

          1. In my case arthritis caused my knees to become bone on bone and each step was very painful. It’s amazing what they can do today.

          2. It is amazing! His hip was very bad, they said. The bone was on bone and wearing away. It is very painful. I’m glad yours is fixed, too.

  7. Thank you so much for the update! I’m so glad it went well yesterday! Praying for the days to come as he recovers!

  8. I just left a reply, but wanted to expand a little bit. Words are never easy for me, and I know I tend to leave short comments. You might be surprised at how much a ‘stranger’ on the internet cares. I literally had tears. It’s partly because my husband went through this, but it’s also because I’m in awe of the weight-loss journey that Rob went through to get here, and really for all of your journey over the last few years. Thank you for your faithfulness! God sees you!

    1. Thank you, Sheila. Now the key to his weight loss will be for him to not say, “the surgery is over, I can eat whatever I want.” He’s determined to not do that, and actually lose more, because it would mess up the hip if he gained it back. So, he’s back to his veggie stir-fry this morning, since we are back home!

  9. Oh how exciting!!!! This is such wonderful news! He’s probably going to be in LESS pain than he was used to! Continued prayers for you both!

    1. Since today is the day (Wednesday) that the pain meds wear off that they injected during surgery, we are waiting to see what happens. So far, he’s had so little pain it’s crazy good!

  10. I kept praying for you two yesterday. Answered prayers for sure. Surgery is never easy but sounds like this one had a great outcome.
    If I’ve learned anything over the years – follow what the Physio Therapist tells you to do. It actually works! Mine was on retainer for a few years for various injuries. And don’t push too hard – he really does need to build back up slowly. It’s a hard line to walk some times.
    Cheering you on.

  11. Hi Becky, I’ve read your blog for years (following you from The Prudent Homemaker!), but I’m not sure if I’ve ever commented before. Your posts often touch my heart and inspire me with your firm devotion to faith and family and food, but this one actually brought tears to my eyes when you wrote about standing next to your tall, pain-free husband. Amen and amen. May there be smooth healing and much happiness ahead. Now rest as much as you can and enjoy the blessing of having others take care of both of you while you focus on Rob!

    1. Thank you so much! It was so kind of my brother-in-law to meet us here and help us get Rob settled last evening. My sister and Mom and other cousins have kept Patsy busy during the hospitalization, and more are scheduled for the upcoming days. It’s so nice to have all the help.

  12. Oh Becky. That’s such a blessing! So glad it went well. God is so good! Hope you both got some good rest last night. ….Vicky in Ky

    1. I got him home last evening, and we did sleep pretty well, with one time in the night where he did walk up and down the hallway for a while–he doesn’t feel much pain, but felt stiff, so he walked!

  13. I am so happy for Rob and your whole family. I will pray that Rob is in as little pain as possible. A friend had the same surgery and she is like a new person. She is able to do stairs and go on hikes.

  14. Wonderful news – I was hoping you would update. I rarely comment but always read. I enjoy your blog.

  15. What a blessing that all went smoothly…now on to healing! Thank you for posting – happy to hear the goodness!

  16. Thank you for the update on Rob. I am so very happy that the surgery went well and that your “tall” hubby is back! I know that hip surgery is in my future – both of them. But so many people have told me that hip surgery was far less painful and the recovery easier than knee replacement – which I’ve had one done.

    Garden is finally starting to grow – we’ve had one of the hottest June’s on record and very little rain. We may be starting into thunderstorm season – meaning that we’ll get a couple per week.

    Sending good thoughts your way!


    1. Thank you! It’s nothing short of amazing! Rob (with me fetching and carrying everything) cooked his own veggies for his breakfast stir-fry this morning.

  17. Thank you for the update! I’m so glad Rob is already getting up and standing tall! Amen!

  18. Becky, So pleased that Rob is doing well. As you know my DH has the same surgery coming up-we can hardly wait! He will see the surgeon in 2 weeks and after that it might still be several months-hoping they can get him in sooner on a cancellation. I am impressed that you are finding time to respond as you must be very busy. Take care.

    1. I am busy, so it’s taking me a couple of days to get to the comments, but I’m very excited about the success of this surgery, so I can’t help sharing! I’m so glad your husband gets the surgery. I hope it happens soon. Rob had to wait a long time, for various reasons.

      I can’t believe how quickly Rob is recovering. He has been taking walks that are just a little longer and longer, several times per day. This morning, it was over 1/2 mile. And, we did another shorter one late this afternoon. He wore the rubber feet right off his walker already! He ordered more and is using his trekker poles until they come. He also has a bunch of exercises to do, and several precautions he cannot break–no crossing his legs, no bending more than 90 degrees, and no turning his feet in. That’s the hardest part–making sure he doesn’t bend down and pick something up or twist wrong. He has a “claw” to help get things, but….still have to remember. He’s trying his best. He started Physical Therapy yesterday, and they gave him several more exercises to do.

  19. Oh Becky, this is the best news ever! I am so thrilled to hear the update on Rob and know that the pain has not returned. If anyone deserves blessings, it is him. He is awesome.

    1. Thank you. It’s been amazing. He had the surgery on Monday. This is Saturday. He’s still taking Tylenol, and we went for over 1/2 mile this morning on his walk with a walker. Way beyond my wildest expectations.

  20. That is so wonderful that the surgery went well and he is home, already and doing stuff like making his own breakfast! I hope his recovery continues to go smoothly and all will be well. Take care of yourself, too, Becky.

  21. What wonderful news! I rarely comment, but have been following your blog from the start; thanks so much for the update. You must be so relieved! Wishing Rob a swift and complete recovery!

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