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Still Hunting for a House-July 1, 2016


You can see our current house right behind Rob’s head!  We are enjoying the view out the back window, for sure, but it is a bit small for the 5 of us.

We have spent quite a bit of time over the last couple of weeks hunting for a house that is a bit larger than our current one.  We are finding many, many that need a lot of work (like no walls, cupboards, windows, did I mention the dead rat on the floor, mold, etc.), are priced too high, don’t have any garden space, no place for the r.v., etc.

We did, however, find one that we though would work.  The house itself was very tiny, but it was on a 1/3 acre and had a shop and a large garden area.  We put in a full-priced bid, and we still got outbid.  By $15,000.  That’s what the market is like around here right now.  Although we are a little disappointed to not be making plans to move right now, we prayed a lot about it and don’t want to be in a house that is not the right one for us.  So, we are back to looking after a short break while we waited for them to make up their minds.

Today we drove by one.  Believe it or not, they would not let us view the house.  They told our realtor that they would not give a showing without an accepted offer.  As if.  There may be someone out there (it wouldn’t surprise me the way the market is) that would buy a house they had never stepped foot in, but it won’t be us.  So, it’s back to pouring over the computer listings and hopefully, we will see some more possibilities soon.