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Moving Treasures


While I was sorting a bookshelf a couple of nights ago, I came across a red notebook that had been my grandma’s.  I got completely distracted as I started reading it, and realized it contained recipes, housekeeping tips, and all of her canning records.  There was a page for each year, starting in 1940 and continuing until 1990.  I had so much fun reading over how many quarts of this and that she canned and froze.  I only noticed a few years when they butchered pigs, but saw quite a few entries for canned fish. I’m pretty sure they butchered chickens at times, but I didn’t see entries for that.

I noticed that at the beginning, she wrote of taking her frozen foods to a locker.  Then, after a few years, those entries stopped, somewhere in the 60’s. I’m sure that’s when she got her freezer.  I still have and use her upright freezer. I don’t know if it was her first and only one, or if she replaced it somewhere along the line, but I know it’s very old.

It was very fun and informative to read over some of the old housekeeping tips, such as how to set a table properly for breakfast, and other such ideas.  I won’t be getting rid of the old notebook.  I anticipate reading the whole thing one of these days when I have more time.