Menu Plan–Week of Feb. 21, 2016


Sunday:  Leftovers from fridge.  We did not do the family meal, due to ill children.

Monday:  I crushed up cornflakes from a box that has been around a long time, and will coat the fish with them.  Crunchy Fish Nuggets with Lemon Tartar Sauce from the American Heart Association Quick and Easy Cookbook is the recipe I’m using.  I confess I ate the green beans already after I took the picture, so I’ll get out another vegetable tomorrow.  This is very quick to make after work.

Tuesday:  Roast in the Crock Pot.  I will either do the pork or beef, whichever one I find on top or at the front of the freezer.  We have a couple of appointments on Tuesday, one is in the late afternoon.

Wednesday:  Leftovers.  I have green chicken chili, and turkey-rice soup and I work late that day.

Thursday:  Lovana’s choice.  It’s been Mexican food for the last 3-4 weeks, so I’m guessing Mexican…..?   Who knows, I might be surprised.  I chuckle because when my mom wanted me to cook, I would take the leftover roast beef from Sunday dinner and make French Dip–every single Monday–as my meal.  She though I was being difficult because she wanted me to practice cooking lots of recipes, but I really, truly, loved French Dip and still love it to this day.  So, I just let her make Mexican every week, my only rule is that we have to have the ingredients in the pantry or freezer.

Friday:   My mom and aunt are coming to help me clean, sort, etc.  I want soup in the crock pot for lunch and will serve leftovers for dinner since we have a late afternoon caseworker visit.  (Truly no pressure about getting the house pristine–this is our dear Nicole who has been out of the office for 3 months–she’s coming to see Patsy–not the house, and we are eager to see her.)

Saturday: Pizza.  We didn’t make it this week, so still have all the toppings from last week.

Sunday:  Family dinner. Since this week’s dinner was cancelled, the lasagna was frozen down there, the cake is frozen here–I will still make beans and salad.

As I was explaining to Patsy, the menu plan I write is mostly for my own benefit.  It helps me to have it written down in a place where I can refer to it easily.  When I have a busy week, like this one’s shaping up to be, it keeps the whole week moving more smoothly.

4 thoughts on “Menu Plan–Week of Feb. 21, 2016”

  1. Your menu sounds really good. I do understand about being flexible and also about letting your daughter pick what she wants to make. I would just be thankful for the night off from cooking! 😉

    1. You hit the nail on the head! On Thursdays, we take the younger 2 to dance classes and don’t get home until about 6:30. It was too easy to either eat really, really late, or have to grab some fast food before I set her to cooking on Thursdays. So, I am grateful!

      1. Do you think that Ja’Anna would also cook one night, now that her sister is doing it? Perhaps you could pick a night that you are around to assist to start with, but eventually, as she felt more confident, she could take on Wednesday when you are so busy with work. I know that your girls all have their problems, so I’m not sure if this is possible for her to attempt yet. But it would be a great confidence booster if she is willing to try!

        1. She actually cooks often–just more on a whim, rather on any certain night. Because she is home-schooled, I often assign things as part of her school, like an international dish for a geography lesson, etc. She especially loves to make pizza, Dutch babies, chicken fettuccine alfredo, and a few more things. She also wins cooking contests at the fair. It’s been a matter of trying to find her strengths, as I try to do with the other kids. My kids are better at cooking than academics, so we cook for our “sport.” (She also does well at flower arranging, and sewing). It’s Patsy who I have not trained to cook, yet, it’s a big job.

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