House Hunting–Round 2


We’ve been hunting for many, many hours, but the girls are still finding some time to horse around:)

I spent about 6 hours on the internet, and chose a pretty good list of houses we might like to view.  We got to look at 3 or 4.  We found a real fixer-upper for a price we could afford, and put in an offer.  They countered, and we had to decide what to do.  We just found out that 2 of the rooms were added over time, without permits.  After calling  the city and county, they informed us of what we had already been told.  We would either need to bring the rooms up to code, or tear them down.  With all of the other work that we would have to do, we had to let that one go.  It also had some major problems in the basement, along with quite a few other problems.  We did the math, and could not finish the project if we started.  I’m really sad.  I had hoped we could get it to work.   It would have been a nice size for our family.  So, it’s back to the drawing board, again.

In the meanwhile, we have another day at Champoeg State Park, so plan to enjoy tomorrow there.  Today we had so many errands to run, plus viewing this house again, that we will welcome a day of rest tomorrow.

9 thoughts on “House Hunting–Round 2”

  1. Why are they allowed to sell it that way? I don’t understand that. This is hard. I’m so sorry! You will find something, and you patience will have been worth it.

  2. Darn. What rotten luck. I wish I had some good suggestions but I’m sure you’ve already thought of them. There is nothing really to be done. If the right house is not available you’ll just have to wait until it is. Not a fun thing to do – wait.

  3. Bummer! I’m sure somewhere the perfect house is out there for you. A lot of my neighbors add on without permits. (and thus pay lower taxes than we who get permits! So another downside is that if the permits were issued the taxes on that house would go up.) When one sold next door to me, before it went to settlement the seller had to have the county come and inspect it. It was issued an “certificate of awareness”. The inspector just did a walk around the addition…very lame. It cost the seller $250 and then the sale was able to proceed (and later on I noticed on their parcel view that their taxes did go up). The county (or whatever jurisdiction) just wants to keep taking taxes when they can. Basically in my area, when a problem such as this comes up, it is the seller who fixes it. However, as you are in a seller’s market, maybe that is why they get away with stuff like that!

    We had a bathroom put in years ago and didn’t know you needed a permit. We figured it might not be up to code even if we got a permit after, so we just tore it down. That way, when we sell our house, it won’t be an issue. (Trying to foresee any issues in advance!) Andrea

    1. You were wise to address it before you sell. We know this house was added onto long ago but they won’t grandfather it in–we asked. Our church refurbished a house recently and had to tear off the entire top story

  4. So sorry to hear about the house. It almost sounded like a complete tear down.. Have you and Rob thought about buying land and building from scratch? Maybe as the fall approaches the housing market will slow down – It does in here in Tennessee. I am still praying for your family. Love the pictures of the beautiful daughters, Lovana and Ja’Ana.

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