Some Trouble with the Blog

I’m having some trouble getting my blog to update properly.  I’ve tried everything I’ve seen on the internet, and don’t have it figured out.  It continues to load the March 26 post first, all the time, with new ones after it.  Rest assured, the posts are there, they are just listed on the right hand side and I’ll keep working on it.


6 thoughts on “Some Trouble with the Blog”

  1. I saw that. I assume that you have checked all dates anywhere you can find? I don’t blog, but I am a software developer, and what it seems like is that it sorts by date descending, and that one post may have a date somewhere that has the wrong year or some date portion on it.

  2. I’m glad I saw the updates along the side. I enjoy your blog and it took me about 2 weeks to realize you had posted. I understand your frustration and hope you get it fixed. But in the meantime now I know where to look!

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