Off on a Trip and Garden Update-Aug. 2, 2017


It’s a little hard to see, but the green onions have successfully dropped seeds and new, little baby green onions are popping up all over the place.  They are in a good spot, and will be my fall crop.  I also have several baby watermelons forming.  I’m very excited since I cannot remember getting any the last few times I tried.  I guess they like this heat wave:)  We’ll see if they ripen.  The cucumbers are going crazy so I’ve made quite a few dill pickles.  The tomatoes are just starting to ripen.  I’ll have lots when I get back.

Because we are leaving tomorrow, and will be gone for several days, we worked hard in the garden yesterday morning.  The lawn was mowed, the place where the old beans were tilled up was re-planted with lettuce, spinach, basil, cilantro and snow peas.  I also planted some old kale seeds.  Lovana likes kale, and it may come up and give her some.  Because it is so hot right now–over 100 and 90’s predicted for the “cool down”– those seeds will have to be watered twice a day and may not germinate.  But, I’m sure some will, and Lovana and the automatic sprinkler system will take care of the watering while we are away.  She is staying home and keeping house.

We’ve been packing like crazy.  I need to take quite a bit of food, for my special eating needs, so have quite a few items in bins.  I will eat what I can from the group meals, but out of my cooler and bins for the rest.  We have purchased what we needed, got extensive work done on the van, got the air conditioner fixed for the second time after Rob drove down 5 hours of washboard roads on his recent sponsorship of the youth rafting trip and some connections jolted loose, packed our clothes, and otherwise done what we could do to make the trip safe and productive.  Now, the rest is up to the Lord to keep us safe and lead us into the work He wants us to do.

We will be going to a place about 4 hours south of the border, on the Baja, and will be partnering with a mission organization there.  We will do whatever they need done, including VBS for kids, helping with services, a youth outreach, possible putting on a roof somewhere, and ???  Rob and I will help with the cooking for the 28 teens and 10 adults (my numbers may be a little bit off–we’ll know at 5:30 am tomorrow–we are not in charge so don’t have exact info).  We will also participate in whatever spots we are needed.  The teens have been preparing and will do much of the things like leading singing, puppet shows, crafts with kids, etc. and we will help and support them in their endeavors.

I may be able to post updates, and I may not.  It depends on my internet access or lack thereof.  In any case, I should have a lot of nice pictures when I get back!

6 thoughts on “Off on a Trip and Garden Update-Aug. 2, 2017”

  1. All I can say is “WOW”!!!! You are amazing! May God bless and keep you all safe in your travels!

  2. I too, will pray for your safety on such a long trip. A million years ago when I was a teenager, I made a mission trip to a poverty stricken, foreign country and it changed my life. Never again did I take America’s freedoms nor our blessings for granted, all of which have come from God. May those young ones with you also be changed forever.

    Jeannie @

    ps: So why are you planting basil? Isn’t it a little late? Maybe I should plant some too if you are planting some. Don’t bother replying until you get back from your trip. I know you are too busy. You will be missed!

    1. My phone lets me make short replys? My basil usually bolts so I do several plantings. Then I hopefully have a few leaves for recipes. I never plant a lot at once–right now I have about 6 seedlings up in another place.

    1. Thank you. I was able to catch a minute on the wifi here at the base. Things are going well. We made it safely after a LONG journey with lots of traffic (like 5-6 hours stuck in traffic from LA to San Diego), a little car trouble (not ours-and easily fixed), and a few other minor inconveniences. The great part is that we all made it safely, and the adventure is real!

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