Saving Money, Weekly Update and a Garden Update–Aug. 27, 2017


We did it!!!!   We grew a cantaloupe, and with lots of on-line advice, picked it and ate it all!  You have no idea what an accomplishment that is, unless you live in our part of Oregon, or somewhere with a similar climate. It was not the biggest, or even the best tasting watermelon I’ve ever eaten, but certainly not the smallest or worst, either!  We really enjoyed eating it on the hot evenings this past week–on a LOT of levels:)  There is another one that looks like it may ripen, especially if the weather continues at this hot temperature and 3 more that are very “iffy.”


We got cantaloupe, too.


The raspberries are starting to ripen and I’ve picked about a quart so far over the last few days.  I’m getting a few strawberries each day, as well.  I pop all these little bits into baggies and put them into the freezer, adding to them each day.  When a baggie is full, I transfer it to the shop freezer and start another one.  I have a jumbo, giant zip-top bag and that corrals them so they don’t get lost in the freezer.


We picked 3 boxes of Improved Elberta peaches from my sister’s farm.  I will start canning in the morning.  It’s scary how fast they ripened, but good, because I’m getting ready to move on to other projects.  I still have apples to make into applesauce.  While we were up there, she loaded me up with corn from the garden, which we all raved over at family Sunday dinner today.  We also picked a tray of wild blackberries and they are in the freezer now.


The next batch of lettuce, snow peas, basil and cilantro are growing nicely.  The sticks mark where I planted spinach, boc choi, more lettuce (bibb and mixed) and beets.  The spinach that I planted before did not germinate, except 3 or 4, so I figured it was too hot for it.  I’m still getting broccoli from the bushes on the left, lots of tomatoes, tons of zucchini and cucumbers and beans of all sorts.



The flowers (and weeds) continue to grow and bloom!


We did many things this week besides garden, gather food and preserve food.  Of course, the eclipse was the most awesome.  We watched in the comfort of our back yard, and were amazed, delighted and mostly awed at the sight.


Our day at the beach, Wednesday, inspired awe as well.


The clouds were so beautiful.


But, for Rob and I, not much beats the Oregon Coast.


We enjoyed Jake’s company even more than usual this week.  His house is being painted on the inside, and the kids are being farmed out to the aunties.  I got one, Aunt Janet got 3,…..hmmmmmm.  Not sure I’m being treated fairly, but I’ll let her have more than me just this once!!


Jake was invited to his friend’s birthday party.  Now, this was the most frugal party I’ve ever been too, hands down, and the kids had a ball.  The mom invited friends and family members to a park with a large structure.  She specified no presents, but Jake did take his little friend the large ring she is wearing, since he got it as one of his library prizes and he loves her very much, and a book he enjoys that his mom said he could give her.  It started at 10, and kids trickled in.  At about noon, Jake confided that he was getting very tired.  So, I asked the mom what the time frame was, and she said there was none.  It was very open-ended and we should just leave whenever Jake was done playing.  So, he said his good-bye’s and we left.  The girl was beaming from ear to ear because so many of her friends had come to her birthday party, and I felt the party was a huge success.  The most expensive part of the party was the Happy Meal I got Jake during the hour we were killing between the end of the party and picking up Ja’Ana from an activity she was at, and that was cheap compared to driving all the way home and back.   One of the other kids from the party was there, as well, so Jake played with him a whole bunch, too.  What a great day for him.  Now when he goes back to school, he will have already started to re-connect with his friends.


I made lots of food at home–casserole, veggies of all sorts, and Rob smoked a turkey on the BBQ, plus more.


16 thoughts on “Saving Money, Weekly Update and a Garden Update–Aug. 27, 2017”

  1. YAHOO! You got a watermelon! Yahoo again! You got a watermelon!!! Save all of the seeds for next year.

    Jeannie @

  2. You are a busy lady, but it all looks so good!!! I like the frugal birthday party idea and how sweet that he gave the little girl the ring. I love cantaloupe but haven’t grown any in a long time. I have not had a ‘good’ one from the store all year…. very disappointing. Do you put salt and pepper on yours? I love it that way!

    1. I do put salt and pepper on it, especially if it tastes a little “flat.” Otherwise, I don’t.

      Yes, I guess Jake has had designs on the young lady for years, and wants to marry her. So cute!!

  3. Congrats on growing the watermelon and the cantaloupe! Those are two things that I have never been able to grow here. Your garden looks so nice and you are still getting so much from it and from your sister’s orchard. Oh, the Oregon Coast….how I miss it! Brookings was one of my favorite places to go to when we lived in Klamath Falls and got to escape for a bit. That Jake sure had good taste in girls…she is a cutie! 😉

  4. You’re making me hungry. I contacted a man about a place he has for rent in the country. That was a day or two before the hurricane. I wonder if there is a spot where I could put a very small garden. I’m not up to the manual labor you guys put in but a few items would be good. Going to look at it in a week or so. Hope somebody doesn’t get it before I have a chance to look at it. And only if it is not by the bayou. I’m not going to live by a bayou anymore.

    1. Are you near that awful storm? I am appalled at the damage and devistation. My nephew is stuck down there–he was supposed to go on a mission trip but they are unable to get out of that airport in Huston.

      I hope you get some land to grow a garden.

  5. How exciting to grow your own watermelon and cantaloupe! I’ve tried with no success! Lots of peaches to can! You are going to be very busy in the next few days!

  6. As always I am super impressed by all that you grow there. My tomato plants are still producing a bumper crop of cherry tomatoes and we have herbs. Neighbors up the street have cantaloupes growing but they are not getting ripe so it goes for damp, humid S Carolina. One day when we downsize I hope we can have some sunny spots so that we can grow more . That is one smart Mama who planned that party!

    1. I agree! That was a super smart mama! Those kids had a blast. Not one of them even seemed to notice the lack of cake, ice cream or presents! Amazing!!

      I picked more canteloupes tonight. They are very small, but tasty. It’s been a very hot summer–way more than usual. That is why I’ve been able to get melons.

  7. We’ve not grown a really good melon here yet. I grew the best I ever tasted about an hour from here. The soil is different, and I guess that makes all the difference. How wonderful you are getting so much food put up at your new home. I love seeing the flowers mixed in with your vegetables.

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