Freezing Broccoli–July, 2019

One of the ways I keep my freezer stocked is to freeze any garden produce we don’t eat fresh. I try to slip some preserving into most days at this time of year, whenever I have excess. We did eat the first head that ripened, but I knew we would enjoy some next winter. This year, the broccoli is growing much better than it did last year, so I am delighted. I grow Hybrid Broccoli Blend from Territorial Seeds. The heads of broccoli get ripe at different times, because it is a mixture of varieties.

Last evening, I cut the ones that were ready, washed them very well and put them in the fridge to wait until this morning. It would have been better to process them immediately for the ultimate freshness, but it was getting late, I was tired……..

This morning, I cut them into pieces, looking carefully for any critters that had escaped the bath of the night before (I didn’t find much, thank goodness), and blanched them for 3 minutes in a pot of boiling water. I scooped the blanched pieces out of the boiling pot with a hand-held strainer and put them into cold water.

By the time I had eaten my breakfast, they were cool and I put them into the collandar to drain, then into cartons and a baggie.

I got 2 pints, a quart and the last bit in a baggie. I will use these for broccoli soup, broccoli on a plate with parmesan cheese, and an occasional stir-fry. I will be getting more from the bushes that have not headed yet, and then from the side-shoots that will grow after I cut the main head. It’s going to be nice to have some variety in my vegetable department next winter!

6 thoughts on “Freezing Broccoli–July, 2019”

  1. I just walked in and sat down to cool off from picking broccoli also! I soak mine in a little dishwashing soap and salt water to kill the critters hiding deep down inside. The dishwashing liquid works on the beetles and the salt kills the worms so everything falls off into the water. I rinse thoroughly.

    Critters – it’s the price you pay for fresh food.


    1. It is the price you pay, but I’d rather work around a few critters than think I’m eating chemicals! I guess we all have our opinions:). I do try to wash them all off. I’m not partial to eating them, but I’m sure I have before on accident. Thankfully, I had my eyes shut or turned away, so I’ve never knowingly eaten a bug! I do wash my lettuce so carefully, it’s almost silly.

      1. I tried shredding some of the stems and making broccoli coleslaw. I can do that now that I have a new, larger food processor (the other one which came from a thrift store years ago, finally wore out). Anyway, the coleslaw was different from the store-bought kind because the flavor was much stronger. It worked good mixed in with salads.


        1. That’s a good idea. They sell shredded broccoli stems around here in bags at the store–I’ve had it a time or two, and it does have a different flavor. But, we also liked it. I’m glad you are getting broccoli, and that you have a new food processor. Although I don’t use mine often, when I need it, I really need it!

    1. I’m delighted with the crop this year. It’s much better than last year. Yesterday, I got 6 more bags of broccoli, and we ate a head fresh today.

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