Thriving In My thrifty Week–October 12, 2021

My plants are getting a little sad and sorry looking, but I’m still enjoying every last blossom I see. We had a pretty heavy frost this morning, the first of the fall, but many plants are still alive.

Since frost was predicted, yesterday I picked what I could find in the garden.

It’s looking pretty bad out there:)

I may still get a little more, but the nights are getting so cool that the growth rate of the veggies is very, very slow and the plants are looking about finished in most cases.

I’m glad I put the cover on the raised bed. I’m not sure what I’ll get from these tiny plants this fall, but they should be able to put on some growth in the spring if the slugs don’t consume them and I’ll have early veggies. I’m hoping the walnut shells will be discouraging to the slugs. It seemed to help last winter/spring.

I soaked pinto beans and made both refried beans and chili. At the beginning of Covid, we had a choice between 50 pounds of beans for about $23 or no beans at all. I’ve shared a few and we’ve eaten a lot, but trust me, I’ve still got lots of pinto beans to work my way through. I added peppers and onions from my garden to the refried beans to give them flavor. Later in the week, I made some enchiladas with some of them, we ate some and froze the rest. Our meals were very simple this week, as I was extra busy with many things.

I made salad a couple of times from this leaf lettuce mixed with a head of iceberg from the store.

2 thoughts on “Thriving In My thrifty Week–October 12, 2021”

  1. Becky,
    I think your flowers look pretty good, considering it’s October. What’s the bright red one? I will need to bring my potted begonia inside; it’s expected to get down to 25 tomorrow night. Enjoy the fall beauty!

    1. The red one is a dahlia that some friends gave Rob. There were several dahlias in pots, sometimes several bulbs in one pot, with different colors/kinds in the same pot. So we left them in the pots, and now that they bloomed he plans to mark them really well and label them according to color and height/size of bloom, etc. and we will plant them in flowerbeds next spring if all goes well. I’m excited. There are several really beautiful ones! I think they were quite small starts because a couple have not yet bloomed, but in the end, I will have several gorgeous dahlias for absolutely free, thanks to their generosity.

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