Sewing-1st Week of January, 2022

I was able to sew a warm, cute outfit for my grandson last week.

I used Simplicity 9652.

It fits him well, except for being a little long. That’s fine. He does nothing but eat and grow these days. I just turn up the cuffs for now.

The dark green is a sweatshirt knit with a slight bit of fuzziness on the inside. It was in a bag of fabric that was given to me. Part of the fabric was not good, as it was faded, but there was enough good for this part of the outfit. I had the camo fleece in my stash from an after-Thanksgiving sale several years ago. I was happy to find the time to sort through a couple of my bins of fabric and to find it there.

The hardest part of this pattern was the placket at the neckline. I haven’t done one of those for so long I didn’t remember when, and certainly not how. I read and re-read the directions and followed them step-by-step and finally got a result I could live with. I’ll confess a seam ripper was used a couple of times. :(. I used some slightly thicker than normal interfacing under the buttonholes as I was worried that the knit would stretch when I tried to make them. It held fine and did the job.

The rest of the outfit was pretty easy. I will say that it really helped to be working with knit fabric, especially for the cuffs of contrasting fabric. There were times where I had to stretch a bit here and there to get them to fit on and it would have been very hard with a firmer woven fabric. Also, I was able to use the serger quite a bit and it finishes the seams so nicely.

It was fun to have some time to sew. It was a nice “January” activity to dig through fabric bins and make an outfit.

Cost: Olive green fabric-free, Fleece fabric–likely around $4 several years ago, pattern–$1-$2 some time in the past, buttons–in my stash for years so….?, thread–in my thread container for years, and elastic for the waist–$1 at the most. No matter how generously I count past purchases, the outfit cost less than $10, and all of it was spent some time ago.

I did send Rob to JoAnn’s to purchase more elastic and another roll of thread for future projects as I had some really good coupons, and hope to sew some more. I found lots of great fabric in those bins. I’d love to use some more of it this winter before the gardening season starts up again!

14 thoughts on “Sewing-1st Week of January, 2022”

  1. You did a great job! Before I read what you said about the placket, I was admiring it. This outfit looks like something you’d buy in a department store. Well done!

  2. That is a very nice outfit for a little boy and one thing I know about little boys is they grow fast! So it’s probably a good thing it’s a little long because he will be taller very soon. You did a good job Grandma

  3. Oh my! That child has grown! I wouldn’t have recognized him on the street. Where did the toddler go?
    It has really been too long since I read your posts.
    PS: The outfit is darling (oops, I mean handsome) and you did a fantastic job . I was really enjoying admiring Malcolm and had to look a second time to see what he was wearing. He outshines anything else.

    1. Don’t worry–he’s still 2. With all that implies:). And, he weighs 34 pounds now, so when he is unhappy with something I ask him to do and “slithers” to the floor like a snake, it takes a mighty heave to pick him up and convince him to do it! But, he’s so cute and we are having a lot of fun most of the time:). I took him to baby story time at the library on Tuesday and he’s getting better at paying attention there.

    1. He loves that toy! My mom got it for him for his birthday last summer and he mows and mows and mows. She had no idea it would be such a hit, but we are all pleased.

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