Preserving and gardening—August 2023

I am having trouble with my computer. I’ll do my best with my iPad.

I am spending much of my time these days picking and preserving food from the garden.

I first inventoried my canning. I counted every jar and arranged them logically. Then I knew what I needed to can.

My sister gave me peaches and I canned them. I made jam and froze some as well.

I’ve canned and frozen green and yellow beans and pulled the bushes. I still have pole beans so we’ve been eating them fresh and will until frost. I will can a few more later when my sister has extra.

I’ve done a half batch of sweet pickles and a very few dills. I have lots left over.

We are eating zucchini frequently and I froze a few packages I have made zucchini bread often as well.

I pulled all the beets that were left from the spring planting. We ate lots, shared some and I pickled the rest.

I picked lots of tomatoes and need to start processing them. I need pizza/ pasta sauce and enchilada sauce. I also need whole tomatoes so there’s lots to do as they ripen.

There is more produce out there so I just try to do a little bit each day and more on days when I’m not working. I’m getting there!

2 thoughts on “Preserving and gardening—August 2023”

  1. You sure are busy canning and preserving! Well done! I canned some tomato chutney with the tomatoes I grew. I have not tried canning them whole, simply because I don’t have a pressure canner and I’ve read that water bath canning is not recommended for tomatoes. I’ll freeze some, too, although I don’t have a lot of space left in my freezer.

    1. I am glad you were able to make chutney. I do still water bath my tomatoes, but you do need to boil them for a very long time. The National center for Home Food Preservation has all those numbers. I do add the lemon juice to raise the acidity and some kinds of tomatoes are done for less times and some for more. I’m going to look it up myself today, as I have a huge bowl of tomatoes staring at me right now!

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