Thriving in My Thrifty Week-Oct. 18, 2023

We are still getting a few scraggly vegetables from the garden; a few cucumbers, snow peas, tomatoes, boc choi, a handful of green beans, and carrots. It’s nice to have more manageable quantities, but to not be entirely finished with produce.

I’m delighted with my new mixer. One day, on the way to church, Rob noticed a “free” box on the sidewalk. This mixer caught his eye and he hopped out and snagged it. Of course, we had no idea if it worked, but after church he found the switch wasn’t working properly. He tore it apart, and fixed it, which I find quite amazing, especially with a toddler 2 inches away, “helping.” Now it works great. It looks like it was used very little. So fun to have!

I have lots of kitchen help. He’s especially fascinated with washing dishes right now. That is good because I have been cooking and cooking lately. We have so much good food and it makes me happy to use it, so we eat at home. Since I’m in an extra-busy season of life, I have been writing out my menu plans. This helps me use food I already have from my abundant harvest this summer, but more importantly gives me a list to follow when I’m in a hurry. I don’t have to think it up AND make it, and I can get some things prepped ahead. There are a couple of evenings where people here need to eat before I get home from work on my new schedule and I like to leave easy home-made healthy options.

Although the flowers are waning, I’ve been picking bouquets. There are still many lovely blooms.

We’ve saved seeds from some zinnias and marigolds, dill, and some other plants. I was also unable to keep up with it all and I noticed the dill has reseeded and is about 3 inches tall. It won’t survive the winter but I hope there are plenty of volunteers next spring. I’ve been using what did come up—just snipped off entire tiny plants and cooked with them.

We’ve been utilizing free and inexpensive activities with the kids, since my niece and nephew have been spending the week with us. Our grandson loves to run so we try to get him out as much as possible. Our nephew likes Pokémon Go annd for me to read aloud to him. Our niece likes car rides. They all like popcorn and a movie. We ate SO much popcorn this week. Thankfully, we had plenty as my mom gave us a big bag not long ago. And butter…….we kept the dairy industry going this week? It was a fun week and I think we all had fun most of the time. I will admit I’m looking forward to a few more restful days that are coming up before long, though.

16 thoughts on “Thriving in My Thrifty Week-Oct. 18, 2023”

  1. So good to hear from you! It is a busy season indeed. The boys look so intent when they are ‘working’! They take their chores so seriously.

    The stand mixer is a great find! It looks very heavy duty and with all the cooking and baking you do, it will be invaluable. Good job Rob for fixing it. So sad that there really aren’t many options for small appliance repair anymore. I’ve used “YouTubeU” many times to fix small things here on the farm. We have a home warranty and the built-in microwave is covered. However, there are no small appliance repair shops around here – at least for 30 miles. I imagine that they’ll tell us to get a new one instead of repairing it anyway.

    1. Our dryer finally bit the dust. Rob had fixed it several times but even he could no longer fix it so we got a new one. Sometimes you just have to.

  2. What an awesome find on the kitchen aid mixer!! I have one, it is fabulous for mixing/kneading dough when making homemade bread. I also especially like it when I mix up a huge batch of meatballs for the freezer. It saves all the hard work of getting all the ingredients incorporated well. You have been so busy. I hope you get to enjoy a few lighter days soon. …..Vicky in Ky

  3. How wonderful that Rob was able to repair the mixer and get it working for you! And how lucky you are to have a helper in the kitchen! Sounds like you really are thriving, Becky. 🙂

    1. To be honest, I would have probably thrown it away, too, as I’m not handy at fixing things like Rob. I’m always amazed at what he can fix and I feel our grandson is already learning

  4. Hi Becky, I was so happy to see you back posting. It’s funny how we miss someone that we have never met in person. As you can tell I haven’t commented before yet I have loved reading your blog. We are very much alike. When I started reading it we lived about 30 miles south of you and now we live about an hour north, just over the state line and river. When we retired 4 years ago we moved to be closer to our kids and grands. I left a large garden and we started over with a smaller one on a blank canvas. I have been gardening and preserving for 45 years and it never gets old, I just get more tired! So hello and it’s nice to officially meet you. I also wanted to say how impressed I am of your new mixer. I have had mine for 35 years and I couldn’t live without it. (Well I could live, but you know…) I’m impressed Rob could fix it.
    God bless, Sally

    1. Hello! I was just saying the same thing to Rob about someone on-line—that it’s amazing to feel like you know someone when you’ve never spoken to or met them! I’m glad you commented.

  5. What an awesome find with the mixer! I love mine. I got it right after we got married and it has served me well. It broke down once, Dustin took it apart, and fixed it, but when he put it back together, it wasn’t lined up perfectly. Now it wobbles and vibrates at a high speed. When making meringue, I have to hold it so it won’t walk off the counter. I think holding it is easier than whipping the egg whites by hand. You will find a million uses for it.
    This summer has been exhausting. Joshua moved and gave me his small freezer to “store.” Of course, I had to plug it in and fill it up with garden produce. Then I found 7 dozen canning jars at an auction and “won” all of them for $8 for each dozen. I was stunned that I got them that cheap because jars really go high at auctions, not like the good old days. Naturally, I had to fill them up too.
    I’m looking forward to catching up on all of your posts.

  6. Great find on that mixer. I’ve had the same Kitchenaid over 20 years and love mine. Not that heavy duty model though — you should get a lot of use out of it.
    I feel the same way about my ‘internet friends’ = especially those who share the same interest in keeping a deep pantry and veggie gardening. cheers,

  7. Hi Becky,
    Yes, it is so good to hear from you again! I’m glad everyone is doing fine, just busy.
    Yes, that Mixer is a great find–how nice that Rob is so very handy! I’m sure you will put it to good use!
    God bless,

  8. What a great find on the KitchenAid mixer! Mine is nearly 20yrs old and I cant even remember how I managed without it. We sure do watch a lot of youtube videos around here when something needs fixed. So glad that all is ok, and to see you posting again.

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