Thriving In My Thrifty Week-Jan. 4, 2024

We take a lot of pleasure in feeding birds and looking at them. Much to our surprise, when we pulled the car over so someone could stretch, there was this woodpecker on a tree right outside the car window. It didn’t seem much bothered by us, so we stayed and watched it for a while. Finally, we got bold and Rob crept the car closer, and it scooted around to the other side of the tree–but still didn’t fly away.

Rob and Malcolm feed the birds in our yard on a regular basis. They got a joint Christmas gift of some bird food and suet, so are looking forward to doing that soon.

Malcolm enjoyed the age-old excitement of mud-puddle stomping while his cousin was in her horse lesson. Rob turned his head for one minute and …..let’s just say we had to change the pants once they got home. So fun!

Rob, my niece Alissa and my nephew, Jake, all celebrated their January birthdays at a family birthday party. We figured it out that Rob and Alissa have not missed one co-party for the past 23 years, since she was 1 year old. That’s so special to us all! We had a family dinner. My sister cooked delicious steak (Alissa and Rob’s favorite), chicken curry, mashed potatoes (because that’s Alissa’s favorite), and broccoli. I made the chocolate cake (Rob and Alissa’s choice) and Alissa made the vanilla cake with Pokemon decorations (Jake’s favorite). Everyone had a great time.

My Territorial seeds came. I wanted to order them before December 31 because I had saved a postcard from my last order (last spring) that gave me 10% off my order before that date. I had gift cards from this Christmas, some left on the ones from last year, and some cash that paid for it easily. The 10% paid for postage and a few packs of seeds. I was delighted that a couple of old favorites were back on the available list, but we are going to have to try a new kind of Roma tomato this year. I picked out 2, both with the most disease resistance I could find, as I had a lot of trouble with disease last summer.

I had ordered the ones I wanted from Pinetree earlier when I first got that catalog and they are here, as well. The bulk of my seeds are from Territorial, but there are a few things I really like from Pinetree, and now I have them all.

I plan to do a post on seed choices later on. I’m planning a lot of posts, actually. I am so excited to say that I have a new computer that WORKS!!!! I’m so excited. I was gifted a significant part of the money for that for Christmas, and we made up the difference. It wasn’t just my blog that was no longer working on our old one….but now a lot of things work very well. I’m hoping to get back into the habit of blogging once again. It was so tedious on my iPad, since I can’t type properly on it, that it killed some of the joy in the process. I guess one-fingered hunt and peck with do that to a person:).

8 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week-Jan. 4, 2024”

  1. Happy to hear about the new computer and look forward to reading your blogging.
    I always read your posts!
    From the BC Gulf Islands.

  2. The keyboard on. my laptop stopped working about a week or so ago. The laptop was about 10 years old so it was definitely time to replace it. I love my new MAC. I changed over from a laptop and am not looking back. Fun to see you posting.Cheers

    1. I’m glad you got a new computer, too. We went with a Mac Air (I think that’s the correct name) because it was way less expensive than my old MacBook Pro and did everything we needed it to do. Rob did a lot of research and we don’t need to do many of the things the fancier one would do, and so far, I’m super happy with this one.

      1. Me too. I got the Air and the middle level of storage. I probably should have purchased the most storage available but didn’t want to spend that much more money.

        When I moved here, I got my first smart phone and went with an iPhone SE. It can easily fit in my pocket and do all I need it to do. And it too was at a lower price point. So when I had to replace my laptop, I wanted an Apple product to go with my phone. Looking forward to more posts from you. cheers,

        1. I love my Apple phone. I finally had to give in and let Rob buy me a new one this past fall, because I would have it fully charged when I got up and it would be out of charge by breakfast. I lived with that for quite some time, but then it just wouldn’t work except for random times….and that was the end! I actually need it for my work, so I have to have one that works. I didn’t buy the latest model, or anything like that, but I love that I can take pictures on it and it transfers to my iPad and Rob’s phone is connected to the computer and its easy to swap things back and forth between all the devices. I’m not a techie person, but I do enjoy it when it works!

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