A Simple Birthday Party


We had such a fun birthday party Sunday!  Alissa, Jake, and Rob always have a party together.  He and Alissa have celebrated together for the last 15 years.  They have had parties at homes, in Seaside, Oregon, and at pizza parlors and arcades. This year, my sister offered to host the party at her house.   This simple paper plate sign was a product of Alissa, I believe.  My brother-in-law set the tables with paper plates with a bowl on top and silverware over brightly colored tablecloths.  Rob and I got to her house an hour before she did on Sunday after church and helped organize the parts and pieces and set everything out.  Other family members joined us as soon as they could get there from their churches.

Everyone brought food.  Potato soup, turkey rice soup, French Dip Au Jus, Make-your-own sub sandwiches and French Dips, fruit, veggies, and a cake from Safeway.


Alissa picked out a cake that little brother would love, and he did!  She and Uncle Rob got to share it.  He couldn’t wait for the little car that was on top.


After the candles were blown out, the birthday boys and girl got some presents.  It was a simple, but extremely fun afternoon.  We can’t believe Alissa is 15 now, and Jake is 8.  Rob–well, we can’t believe that either, but I’ll leave the details sketchy on that score.  We are so thankful for these precious children that we have been privileged to have in our lives.   I have 2 sisters.  Between the 3 of us, we have 14 children.  11 are adopted.   So, you could safely say we have chosen to have a lot of birthday parties.  We do not take children for granted.   They have all brought immense blessings to us, each in their own way.  We were delighted that our son who has Asperger’s Syndrome agreed to come to this party.  He is sometimes so much in his own world that he prefers not to attend gatherings.  We enjoyed his company on Sunday.  He had a good time, but was ready for Rob to take him home by mid-afternoon.


2 thoughts on “A Simple Birthday Party”

  1. It looks like the party was lots of fun for everyone! I’m sure it was very hard for Rob to give up the toy car to his nephew (wink, wink), but I was nice of him to do that! It was so nice to read that your Asperger’s son was able to attend. Big gatherings can be rather overwhelming for them, so he did well to make the attempt to join in. Glad everyone had a good time!!!

    1. Yes, we picked Anthony up after we had attended church, with Michaela (our autistic niece) in tow, and got them both a Coke from McD’s, then back to the house. So, they were both in a very good mood! I think $1 is very inexpensive to get everyone happy, when you are dealing with those 2:) It’s amazing how something little like that can turn the balance between a good day and a bad one sometimes with kids on the autism spectrum. Anthony is almost 26, but is still a child in many ways. I can see some progress, though, in the last couple of years, and that is nice.

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