Saving Money–June 14, 2016


My sister noticed that we were losing some water where the hoses were connected.  She fixed it so that the watering can now catches the drip.  Patsy has been using that water to pour into her watering can and water the garden.  We have a lot of water in Oregon, but there’s not use wasting it.


We spent a morning fishing in a lake near the campground.  We caught 15 trout, and the man fishing beside us on the dock gave us his 3.  Wow!  So far, we had them for 1 meal, gave a few to the neighbors camping next to us in the campground, and froze some for future meals.  My teeny, tiny camper fridge is extremely full, so we kept 4 out for a meal very soon.  That was fun!


We went clamming again.  We all 4 limited out, catching 60 clams total.  Rob and helpers got them cleaned, and I minced them up in my mini-chop.  Last time, they were quite tough, so I thought mincing them would help, and it did.  I made clam chowder and froze the rest.


We had a really good time.  This time, we tried another place because we did not want to climb over the jetty.  So, we went through the woods, up a sand dune, and straight down the steep side to the beach.   Right as we were finishing, we got to enjoy these parasailers, who were using the wind to power their sails.  It was amazing.  It reminded me of huge kites, catching the wind, and giving them rides.


If you look closely, you can see Rob and Ja’Ana on the top of the “cliff.”  That was no picnic to climb, but it was an adventure:)

7 thoughts on “Saving Money–June 14, 2016”

  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I miss being able to go to the beach. There is something almost magical about the smell of the salty air and the sound of the waves that just soothes my soul. 🙂

    1. The house hunt is going slowly. The first set we looked at made me WANT to live in the camper longer?. Today we had 3 lined up. We saw 1. One had sold in the night and the other had 7 offers before we could get out there. The one we saw I could live in but has some issues. We are getting more info (such as if permits were obtained for add ons). It needs some asbestos removal and a new roof, so they’d have to come way down in price or we can’t afford it. Looking again saturday

  2. Everyone is having a wonderful time this summer. Rob is quite the fisherman. I pray your house hunting goes well also. Is your husband looking out of state for jobs in his field. Oregon real estate is very EXPENSIVE, but the mid west is more affordable – though your sister would be far away. I do admire your family and how you manage both frugally and spiritually. God be with you during all of the decisions in the near future.

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