Garden Update–Aug. 6, 2016


One of the strawflowers Patsy planted from the 25c seed packet from the dollar store.  A bargain for something so lovely, in my opinion.


The one Tromboncini Zucchini plant that came up is producing.  Not bad for old seed!


The garden is just bursting with color and produce.  Almost every day, I am privileged to spend a little time out there, either weeding or picking produce.  Ja’Ana has been weeding like crazy, as she desires to go to to quite a few youth events–Win-Win!  Rob did some tilling, too.  Already, you can see a large patch in the picture above where we have harvested all of the green beans that were there, and re-planted a few fall crops.  I seeded in lettuce, spinach, cilantro, basil, boc choi, Swiss chard, snow peas, and Patsy planted a LOT of radishes.  We don’t use many radishes, but she wanted to plant them badly, and we have the room, so…….Some of our seed is very old, and I am using things up, so we planted thickly and will thin if anything comes up.  If they don’t….well I can live without radishes and I’m sure some will emerge.


One of my favorite things is the fact that the tomatoes are really starting to ripen now.  We have been eating them like crazy.  There’s just nothing like a home-grown tomato:)


While cleaning out the seed box, I found several sunflower packets from years gone by.  We planted them all, and these are the Mammoth Sunflowers.  That seems to be what most of them turned out to be, and for sure, are the ones that are growing excellently.  They’ve just started to bloom.


We’ve been getting peppers, cucumbers, beans, lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, and more.  As you can see, the corn is tasseling, but we have not gotten any of that yet.  So, there is still much promise left in our garden and much good eating still to come!



8 thoughts on “Garden Update–Aug. 6, 2016”

  1. Beautiful garden, Becky! We’re struggling with a drought this year, but still managing to have some decent crops. One way to use up radishes is to roast them. Love the strawflower. I used to grow them, and need to grow them again. So pretty!.. Hope your house inspection turns out great!


    1. Thanks, Jane. The inspection came out fine, with a few things to fix, and we have already negotiated them with the seller! So, they are talking about closing on Tuesday or Wednesday–already!!! I’m getting super excited.

      My mom always grew strawflowers and I have not grown them for a long time, either. But, we had these 2 packets from the dollar store and got several plants to come up-so win-win!

  2. Your garden has produced so much food. Patsy’s flowers are beautiful and is fitting for such a lovely girl. I am excited to hear about the house!

    1. We are going to be able to get in tomorrow for some measurements. I’m about ready to start taking pictures of what it is now, so I can show before and after pictures! Now, they are saying we might close as early as Tuesday or Wednesday! I’m getting super excited.

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