The Floors Are Done!


After working on the floors for 3 days and a little bit more this morning, they are done!  I’m so excited!!  They are just beautiful.  Bob, the hardwood floor refinisher, said they were in extremely good condition for floors that were so old.  I think the house was built in 1948 and they were from then.  When the previous owner moved in, it was in the 1970’s and he said they were already covered with ugly green shag carpet, which he replaced at least once.

I love how they look dark sometimes, and light at other times, according to the lighting in the room and also the character the boards have.  They are oak.


The house was filled with a very strong smell this morning, and I spent several hours there today airing it out.  We will open it up some more tomorrow after church.  Bob doesn’t want us to put any furniture in until Monday, no rugs for 2 weeks, and no washing it for a month.  He was lamenting that the recent heat wave with 97-99 degree days is over–ummm, Bob?…..But I guess it cures better in the heat.  We won’t be running the air conditioning for a few days.


I spent several hours doing yard work (Patsy wanted me to take a “before” picture), emptying boxes into the kitchen (existing linoleum is fine to work on) and got a new library card!  Imagine my surprise when they informed me that movies are going to cost me $1 for each one I take out–otherwise, I’m in city limits and my card is free.  Wait?  What?  It’s going to be cheaper to subscribe to some kind of service like Netflix, etc. More information will be gathered, but I’m sure excited to be able to check out books only 6 minutes from my new house, even if movies are not included here.  It’s definitely the closest I’ve lived to a library since Rob was in college!  Exciting for sure!

8 thoughts on “The Floors Are Done!”

  1. Hello Becky,
    your floors look amazing!
    The garden looks like a lot of work, but I´m sure it´ll be worth it.

    Renting DVDs is really expensive at your new library. I really like – it´s a German site (for free), but if you choose “Genres” there´s a part called “English Originals”, we´ve watched some movies and liked them so far.

    Always happy about your updates and photos 🙂

    1. We are still in shock about the movies. We usually get many, many movies per month, between the 5 of us. Often, we don’t even watch them all, especially if we get some that are not to our taste once we start, but it didn’t matter because they were free. Now, we won’t get something unless we know we want to watch it and have time. I’m sure we will be looking elsewhere for our movies–thanks for the tip.

  2. The floors are beautiful, Becky! The look like they’ve just been laid. I’m glad you are discovering things to love about your new home.


  3. I know it sounds dumb, but I always consider the proximity to the library when looking for a home. The floors are beautiful. I love wood floors. Love all the happenings over there.

  4. Oh my .. the floors are beautiful and they look like brand new hardwood floors.What a blessing to find them underneath the yuck carpet..
    Know you are excited, and can’t wait to move in..
    Sorry about the movies.. Ours are free at our library.

    1. I was really surprised! Movies have always been free before.

      I am getting impatient to move in, but it still smelled pretty bad yesterday when we opened it up for a few hours after church. We’ll see how it is today, and how much of the bedding we can find! Soon….

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