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Time for Rob to hang up his barbecue tools and paint brushes, at least until the weekends! He was called late yesterday and he got a job!  He started today.  It was pretty crazy, as there was no orientation, no training yet, he just plunged right in.  He was thrilled to get started, but nervous.  This is a complete change from his previous job.  Complete.  He spent quite a bit of time wondering exactly what he was supposed to be doing.

So, 80 job applications, 10 interviews and………..that’s what it took!  On Friday, after the latest interview, the vice principal called and said they had a strong interest in him, but that the HR department had a problem with him having worked in one place so long previously.  So, we just didn’t know what to expect all weekend.  Rob responded by hurrying up and finishing the canning cupboards “just in case.”  Good thing he did:)

He will be working as an assistant in a special needs classroom.  He will be working primarily with one certain child, assisting him so he get through his day.  He has 6.25 hours of work per day.  When the child is sick, he will have to go home, too.  He will not work during the summers.  So, those things mean we will have to continue to be very creative with our money.  Still, we think we can make it, when combined with the other job.

On the other hand, he will have insurance for all of us.  He will have a retirement plan for the first time, ever.  His other job had none.  At our age, any retirement piling up will certainly be better than none.   He will have the school holidays off to spend with the family.  He will have the summers off so we can volunteer at camp again if we want to or go on mission trips, or maybe both.  We can go camping and he can assist me in watching our niece and nephew while they are off for the summer as well.  If we need for him to, he can pick up another summer job of some sort.  Also, they put him into the sub pool so that if the child is sick, he can possible sub that day in a different area and not lose wages that day.  And, his foot is in the door.  Later, there are positions with longer hours and he could try for one of those if we need more hours.  The way these jobs work is that he has to re-apply each year, because the needs change.  After 3 years, I guess he can keep the job, if it exists, without re-applying each time.  OR, they can move him around as they wish if his existing job vanishes.  Complicated, but one step at a time!  Although that part is not going to be fun, once he has his foot in the door, we’ve been told it’s much, much easier to get re-hired than it was to get hired in the first place.

Like I told him, “you only have to do the first day once.”  He made it through the first day of many good days to follow.   I am very happy for him.



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  1. Answered prayers for Rob. Isn’t God good! Even when we get discouraged and think nothing is happening God is faithful and fills our needs in His time. Bless you!

  2. Oh Becky, how wonderful for Rob and you! Seems like God really has a plan for you two and the child is very blessed to have Rob as an assistant!

    I hope Rob has a wonderful first day, first days are always exciting and working with children, each day is different. I´m a teacher (similar to pre-k, children from 2.5 to 6) and even though it can be exhausting, it´s still exciting 🙂

    1. To be honest, he felt a bit overwhelmed, as he was not certain what he was supposed to do, but he knows that will all smooth out in time. When he came in to the room after putting the last child onto the bus the teacher was collapsed in a chair with her feet up on the desk. So, I’m guessing it’s a bit rough for everyone since it’s the first of the year:) Once he gets into a routine, it will be good for everyone. As you know, routine and structure is everything with these kids, so I’m sure his presence was a distraction to some. They will all get used to one another quickly, I’m sure.

  3. Thanking God for this blessing. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and was happy to read this good news. Wishing your husband the very best with his new job.

  4. Congrats to you husband, Rob! His perseverance has finally paid off and what a perfect job for him. You both have such great experience with special needs children. I’m sure it will all come in very handy in this job. I wouldn’t be surprised that he has no problem with the rehiring process. Often it is women that do this job, so men are a rare find. However, there are many boys that would benefit best from having a male role model or children who may require more heavy lifting due to their needs, which will be to his advantage.

    There’s a new TV show that we just started watching called “Speechless” which our whole family has fallen in love with. It is a comedy, with Minnie Driver and John Ross Bowie (who played Kripke on the Big Bang Theory) as the parents of a special needs child and two other children. It is seriously funny and I’d highly recommend watching if you can! Sadly I can relate a bit to the neurotic mom.

    1. We think him being a man might have had something to do with him finally getting hired on without going through the usual substitute pool first. He said there were around 10-12 kids, all boys except one girl, and all female teachers. He is a big guy, and this kid is large for his age. Of course, the child did not melt down on the first day, but Rob was told it can be quite spectacular. So, I know the job will be challenging, but Rob is a very soothing, calming person, and that will help.

      Now that we have tv after 10 years, I am looking forward to trying some new shows. Thanks for the recommendation.

  5. Becky, I am *so* happy for Rob and for all of you! Wonderful news! And interesting how the timing works out, isn’t it? This finally came together *after* all of the work of selling/cleaning out your former home, camping for the summer, finding/buying another house and fixing/moving/unpacking. Maybe not the timeline you would have chosen if you’d had a choice, but what a blessing that you could all be together through those months. And Rob will be a blessing to the school and to the student he is there to support.

  6. Had shoulder surgery and immobility prevents me from typing as many excited things as I want, but I’m so, so happy for you guys! I pray this is a blessing to you guys and that it allows you to bless others as well.

  7. Congratulations. I am certain there is a plan in place for Rob’s role in this school and in this child’s life…So happy for your entire family! Blessings.

  8. What a wonderful blessing from God.. So very happy for Rob and family. Pray his job continues for a very long time.. Hugs,hugs.. know you all , are very happy..
    ps.. The burgers look yummy.

  9. Congratulations to Rob! That is wonderful and I’m glad that he was hired to help that boy through his day. I have experienced meltdowns with kids with special needs due to autism or other issues and they can be quite scary for all involved. Having a strong but calm male presence is a huge asset for the school in working with this child. I hope he and this child have a wonderful rest of the year!

  10. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 😀 This is such exciting news. Sounds like it will be a great fit and an excellent starting point for him to go further there. Best wishes on the new job!

  11. I am so happy for you and your family. What an answer to prayer!!
    A friend of mine left her career and started working as a special needs assistant. She’s into her third year and loves it. She also has yearly contracts that have to be renewed by the school district. In her district, summer school is a separate contract. So Rob may have work in the summer if your school district works the same.
    She also has the option to receive her paychecks over 12 months. So even when school is on summer vacation, she gets a pay check. When all settles down, you might have Rob ask his HR department if they do anything similar. The good news about having the paychecks over 12 months is that there is less taxes taken out.
    Cheers, SJ in Vancouver BC

    1. He has asked to have the check divided into 12 portions already. We think that’s a great idea! Rob’s special kid was not there today, but they asked him to stay and work today anyway helping other children. So, that was a good sign, I think.

  12. Wonderful news. I’m so happy for you guys. As you can tell I’ve been off-line for a while so I hope there is more news about the new job as I keep reading.

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