Saving Money–January 25, 2017


I wasn’t sure I had anything to write about saving money this week, after enjoying our trip to San Francisco.  Then, I realized that I wasn’t the only one who saved money around here!  Rob saved a lot, I saved a little.

Right before I left, I was given most of a large 25 -pound bag of pinto beans.  The top portion had been used, and the rest was not going to be used.  When it was offered to me, I snatched it up gladly.  While I was gone, my husband soaked quite a few beans.  He cooked some and froze the cooked beans in quart-sized zip-top bags.  He made chili in his dutch oven.  He also made baked beans.  Yum!

Rob also cooked a chicken and vegetables in his dutch oven.  He loves outdoor cooking, and is good at it.  After a vacation where I really, really struggled with stomach issues (I clearly got into some gluten-filled cross-contaminated food, more than once), the simple, plain food really hit the spot.  It was so nice to have good-for-me food ready when we walked in the door Monday evening.  I took some of the leftovers over to my sister’s house and made a simple soup for Tuesday’s dinner.  I was working over there that afternoon, and wanted soup badly, so we all benefitted.

He did do a couple of fun things with the rest of the family that were sad to be left behind, such as taking them to Mod Pizza, a place where you can choose your own toppings.  He’d been wanting to try it, and this weekend was a good time.  He also took Patsy to the YMCA, where he used our pass to take her swimming.  We still receive a greatly reduced rate on our membership there, based on our income.  They went to the movies at the bargain theatre, where the tickets were only $4.

Although San Francisco was expensive, and we spent a lot, we saved on a few things.  We did take a few snacks with us.  On 2 mornings, I ate one of my Luna bars for breakfast, along with little cuties.  Several times, my sister and I both had pretzels or nuts we brought for snacks.  She was able to get breakfast at her conference one morning for free.  On our tour, the driver took us to a market where we could buy gluten-free food, which was a little less than a restaurant.  (They were not careful, though, and I got sick–but we tried).  We wanted to buy lunch at the restaurant, but ran out of time.  My sister got us cheese plates on the plane, which were quite reasonable.


We all shared one room, instead of getting 2.  It worked great.  She was able to write the room off as a work expense, because she was attending a conference for her work, and she had to have the room, and had to be there for her conference, with or without the rest of us.  The girls all refused to share beds with us mothers, instead wanting to sleep on the floor, so we got extra blankets galore, extra pillows, piles of extra towels, and Gail and I each got our own beds.  They say we snore too loud.  I have no idea what they mean, I couldn’t hear a thing while I was sleeping soundly, alone, like a queen, in my bed….

We got passes on our phones where we paid a flat fee and rode the public transportation as much as we wanted while we were there.  It was certainly cheaper than renting a car.  Parking was very expensive and scarce.  We were glad to not deal with it.

So, in the end, I guess Rob saved the day, or should I say week…and kept it frugal here at home, while J and I galavanted.

13 thoughts on “Saving Money–January 25, 2017”

  1. Sounds like you all had a wonderful trip.. and done a good job being frugal..[sorry you were sick..]
    Rob cooked some good meals.. and he and the other kids had fun too.. All in all..everyone had a good
    time off , from school. And saving money too. congrats.

  2. Sounds to me that you took your frugal mindset on the road with you. I had a good laugh imagining all your kids sleeping on the floor like a giant slumber party. To me, saving money is also about being intentional about what I spend my money. I hardly ever buy coffee out like at Starbucks but most weeks I spend a few dollars at the thrift store for second hand dvds. I’d much rather pay $2 for a dvd then that amount or more for a coffee drink.But that’s my choice. When I used to travel for work, I’d pack along a loaf of bread and a jar of peanut butter. Was it my first choice for a meal – not always but it filled me up and was faster then trying to find a restaurant.
    And big cheers for you hubby – what a star having food ready for you on your return!!

    1. Yeah, those kids!! They were determined, but seemed to have a ball on the floor. My sister brought peanut butter for Michaela, and had to check 1 suitcase to do it. But, it was worth it so Michaela didn’t have to worry about having food she wanted. When you are autistic, you care deeply about your few favorite foods.

      It was time-consuming going to restaurants.

  3. It all sounds awesome. When we used to go down to see our grandchildren in Kingsland John always wanted the double room with two beds. Silly man thought I should sleep with him in one bed and leave the other unused. I pointed out we’d paid extra (not much but still, lol) for that bed and someone was gonna sleep in it if it was paid for. I like sleeping with my husband but in a bed away from home in a strange room this light sleeper barely sleeps. To be in a so called ‘queen’ that is just barely a double…sheesh let’s put that extra bed to good use! lol

    1. No kidding! These beds were really small, for sure. True doubles. In our camper, we have a “queen” bed. I’ve got to say it’s pretty cozy. We are not exactly shrimps–so we have a California king sized bed in our house.

  4. Funny, I tend to forget that my husband is sometimes frugal too 😉
    I usually just focus on whatever savings I am able to accomplish.

    Looks like the girls were having a lot of fun (looking super cure in this photo 😉 Very nice to leave you the beds all to yourself #priceless

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