April 2017 Low-Carb Challenge-Eggs In A Bag



Eggs are a wonderful, nutrition-packed, inexpensive low-carb food.  I use a lot of them in my meals.  One way I love to eat them is hard boiled and dipped in salt and pepper, or made into egg salad sandwiches.  Another thing I like to do is make Deviled Eggs.


In testing some recipes for an upcoming class Rob and I are teaching for 4-H (outdoor cooking),  I tried making eggs boiled in a bag.


There were lots of recipes on the internet for these, and Rob had made them before.  So, I combined the recipes, and chose one to print for the hand-outs we are going to give the kids.  We will actually be making beef stew, a fire-starting kit, and roasting marshmallows with the remaining time.  I will give out recipes for additional things they can do when camping, and this will be one of them.

I put 2 eggs in a gallon-sized freezer Ziplock bag and squished them up.  Then I added 2 Tablespoons cheese, 1 Tablespoon chopped onion, 2 Tablespoons ham bits and about 2 teaspoons salsa.  I mixed by squishing the bag and dropped into the pan of boiling water.  I left them in there for 13 minutes, as instructed, but part of the eggs needed a little more time.  I ate the cooked ones and just left the uncooked eggs in the bags in the hot water with the burner turned off and they were cooked just fine when Rob got up and ate them.  Basically, you can add any mix-ins you want, such as peppers, green onions, mushrooms, etc.  They were good, and did not need any salt added, I think because my ham was pretty salty.


I’m going to remember this for one of our camping trips.  It could be made outside on the outdoor stove our camper has, or over the fire, or on a camp stove on the picnic table.  I even saw that some people on the internet had pre-cracked the eggs and put them in a plastic bottle, then just poured some in the bag.  Then, you just throw everything away–no pans to wash.



12 thoughts on “April 2017 Low-Carb Challenge-Eggs In A Bag”

  1. Congratulations on fixing the bloggie problem

    I love hearing about your 4-H projects. What a great program. I also used to do a lot of camping – backpacking as a teen and college age then car camping.
    One of my favorite group breakfasts was One Eyed Jacks. You punch a hole in a piece of bread. Butter both sides of the bread. Throw the bread onto a griddle or pan & crack an egg into the hole. Flip when the egg is set. Egg and toast together.
    Love your idea of the egg cooked in a bag & no dishes to cleanup!
    Saw a great episode of the Pioneer Woman on food network. It was all about camping food. For desert, she had kids fill a very large waffle cone with their choice of toppings – marshmellows, M&Ms, chocolate chips, sprinkles, etc. Then they’d wrap the cone in foil and use a marker to put their names on the foil. Then she put the wrapped cones on a grill over indirect heat on a campfire. It looked like she cooked them until the insides were gooey but the cones stayed somewhat crispy. I had never seen that done before.

    1. I had thought of the (we call them) Eggs in a Hole, but figured I had enough hand-outs. As is was, it cost quite a bit for the photocopies:)

      The ice cream cone idea sounds great!

      I, also, am SO happy I found the problem. I’m just not computer savvy, but I’ve sure learned a lot through blogging!

  2. Good idea! I like the idea of no clean-up! I love eggs too. I usually like egg salad but lately have enjoyed just frying an egg in a little olive oil and eating it on a sandwich with a little ketchup. I like your addition of chopped onion because I think that makes the eggs extra-good. Andrea

  3. Oh I remember doing this as a 4-H leader when my kids were in 4-H. I think we did it as part of a lesson on breakfast. With the bag, each family member could have their own individual omelet with the ingredients that they liked. We did it at home for a while after that. I had completely forgotten about it. Good luck with your class….Vicky in Ky

    1. Thank you. We are teaching 2 classes at a county-wide event, and I want them to not only cook, but have a few other ideas to try at home. It should be fun!

  4. That looks like a fun way to make eggs, Becky. Hope I can remember it when it gets warm enough to cook outdoors!


    1. You’re right! You wouldn’t have to go camping to do it–just boil some water on a stove outside on a really hot day, and not heat up the kitchen. Good thinking!

  5. I am so glad you were able to get the blog problem fixed!

    I think the grandchildren would have a grand time with the eggs in a bag.

  6. Never heard of eggs in a bag! We buy 30 eggs at a time, and use them fast. This week so far has been curried eggs (boiled eggs, mayo, curry,salt,pepper) and french toast.

    1. They are not something I’ve ever made before, but my husband has seen it done before. If I was camping, which we do often, it would make for easy clean-up, so I’m going to try it when we go again.

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