Saving Money–Camping Edition!-Memorial Day Weekend, 2017


We decided to camp at Detroit Lake State Park (in Oregon) for our Memorial Day campout.  Most of the week was used in getting ready for the trip, along with school, work, and lots and lots of doctors appointments.

I got both younger girls through the dentist’s office (over an hour away), myself to a doctor I see up in Portland, (so 1-1/2 hour away in good traffic), and 2 more for Patsy (one of those was actually here in Salem–the other one a bit farther away but not bad). You may ask what I was thinking to schedule so many in one week–but I was trying to cram them in because Alissa’s family went down to California to watch her big sister graduate (again) from the second college she is receiving a degree from this spring. So we did school M-Wed. and then I did not need to watch her siblings or do school.  I used insurance for each and every one of those appointments, along with the medicine I bought.  I really appreciate the insurance.

Rob needed to work all day Friday, so we could not leave early.  We just got ready ahead of time, and chose a campground that was relatively close to home, jumped into the van and took off.  It does cost something to camp, but here’s how we kept it frugal:

  1.  We used our State Park Pass to pay for the campground fee.  We have it because we adopted children from the state foster care system here in Oregon.  This perk comes and goes through out the years, but a few years ago, they brought it back to include adoptive parents, so we were pleasantly excited!  We do pay for our reservation fee.
  2. We chose a campground relatively close to home, so gas was less.
  3. We never left the campground once we got there, except to return home, so gas was less.
  4. We took all of our food with us.  Some was cooked ahead of time, some we cooked there.IMG_4516
  5. We had some family members join us on Saturday, and they all generously brought some food items to share with us, as well.
  6. Our entertainment was frugal.  We walked down to the lake shore and fished one time.  We did not catch any fish, but had a great time.  We already had fishing licenses from the last time we went camping, and they will last all season, so the more we use them, the better.  We took walks around the campground–they have a hiking trail.  Some went swimming in the lake. We saw a lot of wildlife and wild flowers, and enjoyed it all.  The wild rhodedendrons are especially lovely to me.  It amazes me that they just grow out there in the forest.IMG_4544IMG_4558IMG_4559IMG_4537We also too walks each morning at home during the beginning part of the week, and saw lots of lovely flowerbeds, and this woodpecker.IMG_4514The garden is growing nicely, and with the warmer weather we had this past week, I can see that we will have food soon from many plants.  I even noticed a tiny green tomato had formed while I was camping.  Yum!

8 thoughts on “Saving Money–Camping Edition!-Memorial Day Weekend, 2017”

  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend. I am pleased they brought back the state park access for foster/adoptive families because it’s a nice way to acknowledge people who are doing good things and also encourages time in nature.
    Sounds like a crazy week with all the appts. This week is our recital. How about you?

  2. WOW! What an awesome beautiful place to camp! I bet that water was cold. The lake has definitely not warmed up here in SC yet but some of our kids would swim no matter how cold the water was. I used to sit on the dock wrapped in a blanket and watch some of them. I am wondering if the rhododendrons are blooming in the NC mountains now that you posted that picture. My in-laws used to live 8 miles up a mountain with 97 switchbacks on that road but the entire way was lined with those beautiful flowers all the way up in the spring.

    I have my tomatoes in and they are looking good. I have seeds in other pots and am just going to be optimistic that they come up and have time to produce. When I started going through my overwintered pots from the garage I found many flowers and plants that had self sowed so I pulled all those out and planted them in pots and ended up with quite a few pots of free plants this year. We are staring to get caught up now that we are home for a few weeks.

    This is our week for doctor appointments but it is okay. My husband is making good progress with his brain healing now that we are working with the brain rehab specialist and we all feel he will be able to return to work sometime in the next few months. We have to see the company doc every two weeks to keep receiving disability but we are not complaining about that since they have continued to pay him for all these months.

    Have a great week!

    1. I’m so glad your husband is continuing to improve. I’m sure that’s the biggest blessing of all! It’s nice they are paying him, too. I’m sure it helps the “worry bugs” stay away:)

      It sounds like you have some great pots going. While we were away this weekend, one of our pots wilted terribly, and the other one did not. Hmmmm. They both look great today. We’ll figure it out as to the “why” of it for next time.

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