Weekly Update-Saving Money-What We Ate-January 28, 2018


I decided to combine my menu post with my weekly update, because I simply have had no time to post in the past few days.  Instead, I’ve been spending time with people I love.

Jake and Michaela came to spend the weekend with us.  They came Thursday afternoon, as there was no school on Friday.  We went down to the YMCA and went swimming.  While waiting for the girls to change, Jake enjoyed the Mr. Potato Head toys–there were 3 of them.  He had a ball!  It was great for him to get to play with a different toy than what I had and then leave it there:). They also had free books, and he got one–happy boy!


I cooked a lot during the week.


Gluten-free blondies were so good, I made them twice.

I went grocery shopping and spent all the money from the past 2 weeks, and more!  With the kids coming, I needed to lay in a supply of foods they like.  They have very specific likes and dislikes.  I also was planning for 2 sets of company.  One set of friends was coming Saturday, and another on Sunday after church.  The weekend ended up much differently than I planned.

Rob has been struggling with the flu, and we assumed he would be fine by the weekend.  He was not.  Ja’Ana came down with a high fever on Wednesday, and we figured she would be fine and go to her retreat, as planned.  She wasn’t, and didn’t. The doctor’s office wanted to see J on Saturday, so I took her up there. If she’s not better by Tuesday, back we go. Jake became ill on Friday evening.

All of our friends declined to visit our house once they heard about our house full of sickies!  I wonder why?  LOL!  They made a great choice.  We stayed home, surrounded by all that food and Kleenex for the rest of the weekend.

I made a huge pot of chicken-rice soup.  Jake ate 7 helpings over the weekend.  Who knew?  I made smoothies several times.  I ended up making 2 batches of yogurt, and used part of it, frozen peaches, frozen bananas, canned peach juice, and more as I made smoothies.  I bought orange juice and citrus–big oranges, mandarins, lemons and limes for the sick ones.  I bought lemon-lime soda.  I replenished my tea.


I fetched this and that for people.  I shopped. I cooked.  I cleaned.  I did laundry.  I swept. I washed dishes for over 2 hours on Saturday.  I read endless stories.  I ran to McDonald’s for a Happy Meal Saturday night.  On Sunday afternoon, I finally gave up, turned on the Wii, and the tv, and fell asleep on the couch:). Rob did manage to take Michaela to Costco for her hot dog, and got my short list.  He grabbed a cooked chicken there.  Every little exertion wears him out, though, and he’s back in bed for another nap.  J hasn’t moved from the couch since Wednesday, except for short times.

People are starting to feel a little better.  I am feeling a bit more rested.  I still opened prepared spaghetti sauce and bagged salad for dinner, along with noodles.  Frankly, we have been in survival mode the past few days.  And, if I never need to watch “Odd Squad” again, it will be fine with me:), at least for a week or two.


With the extra time at home, I got Patsy going on a new embroidered dish towel with a cute cat pattern.  I gave her some embroidery floss we got at a yard sale, in the colors she wanted.  She started working on it.  She also cut Rob’s hair.  Brave man.  But, look what a nice job she did!


He told her what to do, and she did it!  Amazing!  (Since I am awful at cutting hair, I have admiration for anyone who can).


Earlier in the week, Harnet and I took Danait to the dentist.  She had been before, but that dentist wanted her to go to a pediatric dentist.  We got to go to Portland.  On the 11th floor.  In a place where parking was difficult.  But, after circling around a few blocks a few times—-we managed it!  She had a wonderful time there.  She seemed to love everything they did, and was so interested in it all!  Of course, they loved working with a kid like that, so it was an amazing dentist visit.


We went down to the river with a lunch bucket full of food, and had a car picnic.  The ducks, pigeons and even seagulls were out in full force.  Thankfully, her mama had some bread in her pocket and we all enjoyed feeding the birds between rain showers.  She had tucked in in her pocket because she thought Danait might get hungry, and that turned out to be a great source of entertainment for us all.


It’s been a crazy week, and a busy one, but not the most frugal one.  We were still able to save money here and there, and best of all, took care of everyone that needed care!  Michaela went home with her big sister last evening, and Jake will be leaving soon.  I’m not sure what the week holds, but I do know I have enough food for any occasion:)

22 thoughts on “Weekly Update-Saving Money-What We Ate-January 28, 2018”

  1. Wow! I hope everyone continues to feel better — the flu’s a real doozy this year, and it seems like even a regular cold is nasty. You definitely were wearing a cape this weekend as you took care of everyone. Glad you got to conk out for a few hours this afternoon.

  2. Hope you stay well after all the sickies around you. I have no immune system when it comes to germs the Grand Girls bring home. I’ll often get sick before they do. But I’m lucky that when I’m sick I can go to bed and not worry about anybody but Buddy the dog getting fed. Hahaha.

  3. Oh goodness…. I hope you all feel better! I’ll bet the chicken and rice soup helped everyone to feel better! Mr Potato Head never gets old and I love those Costco hotdogs too! Great job on the haircut!

  4. The flu has been terrible here in Alabama also. My youngest son, the one with the health issues and suppressed immune system, came down with it and it lasted a full week. I hope all of y’all get well soon!

    1. I’m glad your son is recovering. Rob’s lasted a full week, too, and he doesn’t have those issues! Today, he texted me that he is making it better than he thought he would. Whew!

  5. I hope you are all well soon and especially that you stay well! It has been terrible everywhere this year. Spring cannot come soon enough.

  6. I hope everyone is continuing to mend.

    Everything sounds delicious. We have weeks like this, too. They’re busy and not as frugal, but they make life interesting.

  7. I am so sorry that so many of your loved ones got sick. We thought Rachel had the flu, but it turns out she has Strep throat. Jeff and I helped take care of Steven on Saturday since she was feeling awful and Jaysn had something he was doing with his crew from work. I’m kind of thinking your guests had the right idea NOT to come. 😉 At least you have tons of food in the house now. Please tell Patsy that she did a fabulous job on her dad’s haircut…she has some serious skills! Be blessed and I pray you stay well.

    1. Thanks! They tested J for strep, and she doesn’t have that! I’m sorry for Rachel. I had that once, and it was nasty–wiped me out! I do think the guests made a wise choice:). I’m glad you got to play with the baby!

  8. Dear Becky the dynamo, I hope you get some well deserved rest and relaxation soon. I hope your family gets well soon too, the flu is just awful. The gluten free blondie looks amazing.

  9. I love the haircut! It is the same one I give to my guys. Each time I say, “Just saved you $15!”

    Don’t feel bad about the week not being as frugal as other weeks. Sometimes just surviving is the best thing you can do.

    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.

  10. Goodness, that does sound like a doozy of a week! Glad you’re coming out the other side. I love that Mr. Potato Head is still around :o).

    1. We are surviving, although some are still feeling a little puny. But, so far, so good. I’m feeling good still.

      I was happy that he had such a good time with Mr. Potato Head.

  11. Sorry to hear so many members of the family were ill. Hope everyone is recovering and that you don’t come down with it! Patsy did a great job with the hair cut! Take care of yourself and keep well!

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