Sewing Day–President’s Day, 2018


I decided to use my days off for sewing.  It’s quite a process around here, as everything has to be taken out of the garage, and all parts and pieces have to be found.  So, I took over the table, told people to eat elsewhere, and got busy.  I got started on Saturday afternoon.IMG_6398

I finished up this skirt for Patsy I had started quite some time ago.  Thank goodness it still fits.


I moved on to a pair of pajama pants for Ja’Ana.  This was a piece of fabric I’ve had for years, and I went out to the shop and dug it out since I knew it would be perfect.  I spent quite a bit of time Sunday afternoon cutting it out so the plaid would match.  I haven’t matched plaids for a long time, so it took me a long time.  Success comes from careful cutting with plaids.  I sewed the pants on Monday, and was delighted with how well the plaids matched.   It actually took around the same amount of time to cut them out as it did to sew them!


A nightie for Patsy was the next project.  It went together quickly.

I got another skirt cut out as well, and even got started, but I’ll show that one when I get it done.  It will be a while before I get another chance to sew.

You may notice that I chose projects that were very simple and quick.  I feel great about getting them done, and using some fabric I’ve had for a while.  The girls will really benefit from some new nightwear.  I’m also very happy to have finished the skirt, at long last.

I cleaned up the entire mess, but hopefully put the machines and all parts and pieces in handy places so I can pick them up easily if I do get a chance to sew again before long.  We did a few other fun things on our days off, as well, so I feel pretty good about this weekend.  Good thing….it all starts up as usual tomorrow, bright and early!


18 thoughts on “Sewing Day–President’s Day, 2018”

  1. Nice sewing! I think quick and easy projects are the most fun! I decided to sew yesterday too! Although I only got my fabric cut and I am still trying to figure out the pattern….my memory is not the best! Andrea

    1. I am finding that it does take a long time for me to gather all my parts and pieces to sew! Seriously, I spent most of my “sewing” time on Saturday afternoon finding things:). Cutting out is a big deal, too, so at least you got that part done.

  2. Love that denim skirt! Well done with matching the plaids! I find it hard to do so! The cupcake fabric is very cute, but I’ll be wanting to snack all night long! 😀 You got a lot of sewing done in a short time!

    1. Thanks. I haven’t matched any plaids for a long time, so it did take me longer than I’d like to admit, but I’m happy with the results. It’s all about the cutting:). If that’s right, the sewing goes easy.

  3. I love all three pieces! I always find sewing to be harder when I can’t leave my stuff strewn about until I finish. I like simple pieces because they feel more classic and versatile to me.

    1. I was very spoiled and had a sewing room at my previous house. I’m working on finding a “new normal.” It is daunting when you know you have to put it all away each time, and make people eat in places where you don’t really want them eating:)

  4. I took Home Ec in Junior High. It was there I learned to sew although my Mother did quite a bit of sewing also. I had no idea how much that little bit of sewing instruction in class would benefit my life. I became an adequate seamstress and have always enjoyed sewing. Are you able to offer a sewing class to the girls as part of your homeschooling curriculum? Not all people will like to sew but I imagine that mending and making clothes will be part of life until clothes are made of some poly material that is not fabric! The skirt Patsy has on is my favorite style of skirt.

    1. Ja’Ana has had quite a bit of sewing instruction, and can sew well enough to win blue ribbons at the fair, but doesn’t choose to do it very often. I don’t think it’s her favorite. Also, when we moved, our 4H club broke up, so it’s not as fun any more since the social part has ended. We can still do 4H here, but all of her friends are quite a distance. If she chooses to do the fair this year, she had me enroll her in that county so she can see some of them, but it’s another thing our move has kind of killed:(. If she loved it, she would have continued, anyway, so we will see when she is older what she does.

      I tried last year to keep the sewing going, and to teach Alissa to sew. I even had my mom and aunt come and help as I used to do. Alissa never finished her first apron. I don’t think it turned out to be her favorite activity in the end. So, I just didn’t try this year as there was so much academic work to finish for J’s senior year, and A got a job.

  5. You did a great job on all your projects! Matching plaids would drive me nuts though. I once made a skirt with a pretty print on it and had to match patterns (I was in 4 H at the time) and that was the last time I even attempted a project like that. 😉

    1. I do put off matching plaids because it is so hard, but when I do it, I’m always very happy! Plaids just look so great when they are made into clothing, if I take the time to match them. I do notice that some of the items from the store don’t match very well……But, if I’m going to do it, I want mine to match.

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