Garden Update–May 5, 2018–Planting


Rob re-tilled the section of the garden he had tilled the other day.  Then, it was ready to plant.


Luke Skywalker used his trusty blue light saber and attacked the large overgrown plants that needed to go.  They were Darth Vader or someone else from the dark side.  (Star Wars is Jake’s world these days). They were defeated.

After we got those gone-to-seed plants removed, Rob tilled up the other 1/2 of the garden.  He will need to do another pass over that 1/2 in the next couple days.


I got tomatoes planted, and my little onion starts as well.  Each tomato plant has a little organic fertilizer in the bottom of the hole. I buried them deeply as they were getting leggy.  I also planted a few carrots and beans.  I have much more to go, but it was a good start.  I did cover these tomatoes with some red plastic mulch, as an experiment.  It’s supposed to help them grow better.  We will see.


The lettuce is up well, and the cabbage and broccoli is starting to take off.  The big plants in the back are artichokes. The peas are up well, and the snow peas as well.  There are tiny beets and carrots up as well.  The potatoes did not come up well.  There are lots of blanks.  I will replant in the empty spaces in the next few days.


The raspberries are about to bloom, as are the Marion berries (blackberries).


The strawberries are in full bloom.  I fertilized them and watered them a bit.  I put some fertilizer on the blueberries, too.

I worked in the garden for 4-1/2 hours today.  It was great exercise and I felt awesome to see what was done.  There is so much more to do, but I feel happy for what I did get done.

Patsy planted some zinnias in the greenhouse last night, and I planted a few more items in there as well.  Jake had some seeds that were his prize at Burger Ville.  We got those planted as well.  They look like wildflowers to me.  It should be fun for him to see them grow.

I have also done a little edging and weeding out front in the flowerbeds over the past few days.  There is also a place on the edge of the garden that I am working to get some serious grass out of.  So, I’ve been digging a lot with a shovel. I am going to be a little sore tomorrow.  The good kind of sore…the kind of sore that tells you that you did something worthwhile today.   I hope I can hobble tomorrow:).


4 thoughts on “Garden Update–May 5, 2018–Planting”

  1. Yeah. I love hearing about your gardening. I do my gardening vicariously through you. I feel like l put in a good day after reading about your gardening day. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I’m glad you enjoy hearing about it. I love doing it, but have to confess I’m awfully sore today:). Still, I can tell I’m in better shape than I was a year ago, so it will pass quickly I think. All that walking in D.C., plus the Pilates class has helped:)

  2. You are way ahead of me. The garden looks great. I hope you get bushels of food. We don’t usually plant till Memorial Day weekend. It is great that you have so many helpers.

    1. Thanks. I have a LOT more to do, but feel great about what I got done. It is pretty mild here. Our biggest issue is the large amount of rain we get–it’s usually too wet to plant. In fact, we had rain in the night, so the things I did get done are well-watered in. But, Rob can’t finish tilling today after all. Thunder, lightening, pouring rain–we had it all during the night:)

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