What Did We Eat? June 29, 2018


Before we left for camping, I grabbed whatever I could from the garden and fridge.  There were some sad and sorry carrots, the end of a bunch of celery, some nice fresh snow peas, and an onion.  I made stir fry and cooked some white rice I unearthed in the camper cupboard.  I did go to the store and buy another fresh bunch of celery and a few carrots.  Jake ate 1 piece of chicken under duress, and 1 snow pea, and noodles.


Since we are camping this week,  we got to enjoy trout, fresh from the lake.  The first one I fried in a pan for breakfast.  These 4 got better treatment.  We put fresh dill from the garden in side, along with Lowrie’s seasoning salt, and Rob grilled them.  Yum!  Jake ate 1 bite of trout under duress, and noodles.


We had some hot dogs, so grabbed those, of course.  We had to buy marshmallows to roast.  There were none in the camper cupboards.  That’s probably a good thing.  Last summer’s marshmallows don’t sound very tasty to me;). We just went without chocolate bars this time.  Jake ate noodles and bread.

We also had lots of cereal from the camper cupboard, plus various bread products I grabbed from home.  Jake was on a Top Ramen and Cup-o-Noodle kick, and wanted bread, bread, bread with butter, butter, butter.  We’ve used almost an entire tub of “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter” I got on sale before the trip.  I was happy to buy another loaf of 100% Whole Wheat Bread for him.  It’s better than those noodles for him.

As I cleaned out the camper cupboards, things like a few pieces of hard candy, some cookies, a hidden package of Bugles, and other treats were revealed and wolfed down.  I made some cookies from chocolate chips that had seen better days.   Anything that was really, really over the hill went to the sea gulls, so provided entertainment of another sort.  Jake ate Bugles and cookies.  I put oatmeal in the cookies, so felt pretty good about that one.


Rob grilled a couple of steaks from the freezer and 4 ears of corn Jake talked me into buying at the store.  He ate noodles and bread with butter.

I made one simple soup from the end of the sad carrots, celery and bullion.  I put rice in it, too.

In the end, we ate like kings and queens.  I spent a little grocery money, and we did go out to eat one time with the coins we saved in a tin can for that purpose. (Thankfully, Rob changed it into bills before we left–it would have been awkward to take that many coins to a restaurant:) ). We went to a pizza place for an all-you-can-eat salad and pizza buffet.  I asked if they had gluten-free, figuring I might just be eating salad.   They surprised me by making me a pizza, after asking me what kind I wanted, and then they sent me home with the rest of it–for no extra charge.  We felt bad and offered to pay whatever was fair for the rest (I know how expensive gluten-free ingredients are), but they would not take any money.  That was an unexpected blessing, so I had pizza for breakfast today:). Jake ate pepperoni off Rob’s pizza, and watermelon.

I had one day where Jake and I walked a total of 3 miles, broken into pieces.  Another time, we did almost 2 miles.  We’ve done other walks, too. I’ve done more cooking in the camper than I usually do because I didn’t get to prepare ahead of time.  I’ve used up lots of odds and ends. It’s been fun to get in there and get creative, and fun that we’ve walked so much that I have felt like I could eat a little more and enjoy it!


20 thoughts on “What Did We Eat? June 29, 2018”

  1. That stir fry and those trout look delicious. It is so stinking hot here that camping would be miserable. I know his disabilities dictate his diet, but you would think Jake would get sick of the few things he eats.

    1. I know. Right? I almost feel bad giving him the same food over and over until I remind myself how much he enjoys them?. I forgot to mention he drank a LOT of apple juice too?

  2. Rob looks content sitting and playing in the fire pretending to roast a hot dog. What is it with guys and playing in the fire? I have never seen a male that did not love poking at a fire.


  3. The fish looks great. Isn’t it great when you get to use up older items. Glad you had a nice time on your camping trip. I love going for lots of little walks. They don’t wear me out but I still get exercise.

  4. Hi Becky. Glad you can do some camping. Hubby and I bought a new to us car so we can go to the coast this summer. We hope to stay at the Embarcadero per your recommendation. I can almost taste the crab already. Our garden is getting a s!ow start but the first of the zucchini will be ready in a few days. I’m excited. I did buy some at the farm store cheap at the end of the day. We’ve already had it fried, in muffins, cupcakes and brownies. Now I have a batch of relish ready to can. Let the games begin!

  5. I laughed out loud at Jake’s food, it sounds funny the way you write it. But I bet it’s not always easy!

    Mmmm, fresh trout! Sounds like you had a great time!

    Here (Austria, Europe), summer break’s just starting. We have to work for 3 more weeks (kindergarten teachers), but it’s less stressful and only for working parent’s kids. Our own (6 and almost 4) are at home since we are sharing a teacher’s position, so there’s always one person at home with them.

    I’ve been following and reading your blog for years now and feel like I know you, now it felt right to leave a comment 🙂

    Praying for your family and Rob’s job search!

  6. Yummy looking food. And how fun to BBQ!
    What’s your recipe for your stir fry sauce? Or is it something you buy? Please share if you would.

    My garden has started to come in — the last of the early strawberries, lots of flowers on the ever bearing strawberries. Zucchini and yellow squash, snow peas, chard, turnips and beets. Some of the peas I’ve left to develop into shelling peas. And the tomatillo plants have flowers and seem to be growing 6-inches+ every day.

    1. It’s so exciting to be picking veggies! When I came home from camping I saw that there are 2 tiny zucchinis! I hope I remember how excited I am that I am going to pick them in a day or two later in the summer when there are way too many to eat!!!

      The stir fry really isn’t a recipe. I put some gluten-free soy sauce on the chicken, then some garlic grinder (you can buy it in the spice section–basically it’s dried garlic and salt and you grind it onto your desired food), and probably some random spice mix I was finishing up in the cupboard–Bragg’s, I think (just a sprinkle from the bottom of the bottle). Then, I stir fry it, starting with things that take longer like chicken and carrots, then adding onion and celery, then snow peas last. If it gets too dry, I put in a little water, taste, and add salt if needed. I like it crunchy, so make sure the chicken is done, and don’t worry much about the rest being super done:)

  7. What a lovely kindness from the staff at the pizza place. I bet they made your day and you gave them something to share and smile about as well. How cool!

    Sounds like a neat trip – glad you all had a good time. Hoping things go super smoothly for your hubs finding a new position very soon!

    1. I thought it was very nice, too:)

      Well, sadly, he didn’t get any of the jobs he interviewed for in the schools where he tried, and the school offices close down until August now, so I think we are just in a 2-month waiting game if he decides to keep trying for a school job. Right now, he is going to keep working his planned summer job, and keep his ears open for fall.

  8. Sounds like you had fun camping! Your stir fry looks so good and that grilled fish and corn, too. But, of course, Jake had noodles, and bread and butter! LOL! However, he tried a bite of other items, under duress! That has to be quite an achievement!

    Keeping you and Rob’s job search in my prayers. I am sure it will be fine when fall comes.

    1. Thank you. Today, the boy woke up and wanted eggs. And, eggs he ate…and ate…and ate. I think he ate 2 or 3 before he was done. Amazing:)

      Thank you for your encouragement.

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