Thriving In My Thrifty Week–October 21, 2018


It was our turn to feed the college-aged kids at church this week.  We made a giant sub sandwich, using a board Rob covered with foil.  We used 5 loaves of French bread, which were purchased for 88c/loaf at Winco.  We also found ham lunchmeat for $3.50 for 2 pounds!  We got 8 pounds and piled it on, along with a thin layer of cheese slices, put fancy toothpicks in it, cut it and lined up the pieces to look like one long sandwich.IMG_9545

We served chips, brownies, veggies and toppings for the kids to put on their sandwiches such as tomatoes, lettuce, olives, onions, etc.  There was a gluten-free option on the other end, using Udi’s French bread and Krispie Treats.  This meal was very well received.  Alissa and Patsy helped me the night of the event, as Rob ended up staying home.  We came in way below the budget and the kids were so appreciative as usual. They are fun to cook for!

This would be a very affordable idea for anyone who needs to have a party or other occasion to feed a large group.  It’s fun, too.  Even though it was a simple presentation, it made it feel special to the kids.  I could tell by their comments.


I worked 3 different times, putting the garden to bed for the winter.  I’m still not done, but am gaining on it.  Now I need to make more pasta sauce and Salsa Verde with the tomatoes.  The green ones are for the Salsa Verde.

Rob was able to till up a portion.  I’m glad he did, since I cannot handle the large tiller.  However, his bad hip does not allow him to do that kind of thing for very long.  So, he did what he could, and will work on it again another time.  He bought 20 bags of something to amend the soil a while back.  I think it’s steer manure or garden compost.  We need to get that on.


I didn’t need many groceries from the regular store this week, so we spent our money elsewhere.  I got cauliflower from farm stands–2 at each place, since I took the last 2 at the first place.  I also got 25 pounds of both onions and potatoes, and some hot peppers.  It’s hard to believe we have eaten almost every single one of all those onions we grew and every single potato as well.  I feel we grew so much in that garden, and feel great that we have used it so much.  It did save a lot of money over the summer, and the preserved food will continue to bless us during the winter.


They were huge heads.  We ate a bunch, and I still got 16 quart-sized Ziplock bags full.


The family likes it cooked with a little cheese on top, or in cauliflower-cheese soup.  I have also made some things using it chopped up in the food processor (riced) to make things more low-carb.  I did make cauliflower pizza crust last winter.


Rob, I, Patsy and Alissa volunteered at the 4H bake sale on Saturday.  The girls especially enjoyed taking bins to the barns where there was a tack sale going on and selling the goods out there.  The 3 teams did very well.

Rob and I stayed back at the 4H building and helped package all the goods the clubs sent in.  Alissa and I made caramel corn to bring and every bit of it sold, which is a good feeling.  Patsy and Alissa made one batch of Muddy Buddies with Rice Chex right there at the sale, so the aroma would entice people to buy baked goods.  When our shift was up at noon, almost all the baked goods were gone–a wonderful position to be in.  The lady in charge was delighted. The sale continued for an hour or two after we left, but she figured they would run out, and she had someone coming in to buy anything that was left at the end.  Several hundred dollars were made, but I don’t know the exact figure.  100% of it will be used on 4H programs.


I think our extra-warm, dry spell is about over, but the Patsy and Jake decided to have one more water balloon fight this afternoon after church.  They got out popsicles, and Patsy filled up 20 water balloons.  Then they started the games, and throwing them back and forth.


We also went to the library on our way over here from church and Family Sunday dinner, and Jake and Patsy chose books and movies.  Michaela was with us, but she didn’t want to go in, so Rob stayed in the car with her. She also didn’t want to do water balloons.  That’s ok.  She had fun in her own way.   It was good to get the routine going again.  We have had one family member or another gone on vacation for quite a while now, and have had various ones get sick, so have been unable to get the crew together very often lately.  Hopefully, everyone will stay well now.

How did your week go?  Did you save money in some way, or do something that fed your soul and made you feel like you were thriving?  I’m expecting to have another busy, but good week.



8 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–October 21, 2018”

  1. So many good things happening there! The cauliflower is gorgeous, and apparently as huge as I was thinking it looked. I’m just catching up, and wanted to say congratulations on the dress. I can imagine the work it took to get it right, having needed help from two people to finish sewing my scrubs. Well done! Your Christmas Eve tradition sounds very lovely.

    1. Thank you. Those cauliflowers were so big that 4 of them 1/2 filled my kitchen sink with cooling pieces after I blanched them and there were still a few more on the other side, plus I still have a 1/2 gallon ziplock bag with pieces to eat fresh, plus Rob pulled off a big clump and cooked and ate it on the spot! I’m actually relieved that my larger-than-life husband didn’t decide to buy 5 or 6 at the second fruit stand:). If you send him in for 1 or 2, in the past he would often get way more! It would have been a very late night, but boy were they reasonable at that 2nd place–only $2.50 each.

  2. I would not have know you made the sandwich if you hadn’t said so. Great job. I think the last time I bought one was our youngest’s communion. They are very expensive. I never thought to make my own. Maybe I will do that for her Graduation party.

    I have been working on the garden too. It will all get done.

  3. We have had an eventful week. My son Dustin accepted a new job 700 miles away in Iowa and to celebrate, I made his last meal at home a big event. We opened the package Becky had mailed a while back containing her canned tuna fish when she heard I had never eaten home canned tuna fish. IT WAS AWESOME! The pickled zucchini was delicious and I will be making some last year. The plum sauce was a hit and my guys almost fought over it. It made the evening so special.

    Becky, you are a great cook. Rob, you are great at packing canning jars so they can travel across the U.S. without breaking. Thanks for your generosity. It made the pain of Dustin leaving easier to bear.

    We shared the story here:


    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed the things. I’m really glad Rob’s packing job held up–he is good at it, but one never knows when some thing is going so far, and is delicate:)

  4. What a wonderful sandwich you put together for the church kids! And with all the toppings on the side so they could customize their sandwiches! You’ve had another busy week with a lot going on!

    I hosted October’s monthly prayer gathering at my house on Sunday. So, all last week, I was cleaning house and cooking! Then, on Monday, I was cleaning up and putting things away after the prayer gathering. I came well under my budget for the occasion; I will use some of the remaining budget for stocking up and for holiday gifts.

    Hope you have a wonderful week.

    1. I’m glad you had a good prayer gathering. It’s fun to host events, but so much work. I really love how clean everything is afterwards, though–it’s a good incentive for me. The next event I will host will be Thanksgiving dinner, and I have some major cleaning to do, especially out in the garage. I’ve done a tiny bit, but there’s more to go, as several have to sit out there at the table we have–not enough room in the main part of the house. We’ve even seated people at a card table in Patsy’s bedroom one time! We always have fun:)

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