A Fun Science Experiment With Jake


Jake spent the night last night.  We were looking for a fun activity bright and early this morning.  He had checked out a book of science experiments at the library a little while back, and decided that he wanted to do one of the experiments.  He looked through the book until he found one that seemed like it would be fun, and that Auntie had all the ingredients for.


Once we taped the spoon to the clothespin, and then down to the board, it was time to add the marshmallows.


It was very fun and satisfying and fun to fling the marshmallows from the spoon.  They flew everywhere.  He was very diligent to pick them up because it just felt so naughty to him to be throwing them around the room.


Pretty soon, Patsy came stumbling out to see what the fun was about.  It wasn’t long before they discovered that given just the right “flick”, the marshmallows might land in the teacups.  Or a dish.  Or on the beautiful table runner my aunt made that I’d gotten out for the fall season.  Pretty soon they were giving points to each other when the marshmallows landed in difficult cups, dishes, etc.  They truly had a good time.  They were laughing their heads off as they flung them around.  Over and over and over.

I made sure to pack the experiment in his suitcase to take home.  I made sure his mother knew where he got it from.  After all, what are sisters for?

(Note:  The book states that energy is stored up in the spring of the clothespin, and I add it is also stored in the flexible spoon.  When it is released it makes the marshmallow fly up–I did say that several times during the process, but really….he just had fun!!!!)

7 thoughts on “A Fun Science Experiment With Jake”

  1. Oh, I know they had a blast with that! Here, the pups would get in on the action and eat any of the marshmallows that hit the floor!

    1. Trust me, there were quite a few that made it into the mouth around here:). Then, we made Krispie treats with the rest of the bag, and those are mostly gone as well.

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