Thriving in My Thrifty Week–October 28, 2018


I was given a very nice assortment of gluten-free items, and some baking supplies.  (Some has been put away already–there was more!). It was a very nice gift and I’m very thankful and am already planning some good things to make from it!  In fact, my oldest daughter was mentioning a wonderful recipe using coconut flour and I told her to send it to me–I had a bunch now:)


I’m officially done with canning season!  I got the last 2 things done this week–more pasta/pizza sauce and the green tomato Salsa verde.  If you’ve read my blog for any length of time, you know I have a passion for canning and other food preservation.  But, let me tell you, even I am absolutely DONE for a little while, at least.  I am ready to move on to other projects, but am thrilled with what I got.  It really is amazing to me how much produce came from that little garden in the back yard.

We have been thawing items and opening jars right and left, starting to put all this goodness from the summer to good use.  I used the extra Salsa Verde that I did not can to make a green enchilada casserole for lunch today.  I paired that with canned green beans and a salad.


There are a few more soup bones in the freezer I’d like to make broth from, but that can wait until I’ve had a little break from canning.


Free entertainment!  Jake was licking the last of the whipped cream off his plate (I am the auntie, you know, so let him had some when he asked).  He sure enjoyed it.  It was the  end of a can from a LONG time ago, I didn’t even know I owned it, but it must keep, because he found it way in the back of the fridge, and loved having it.  (I tasted it, and it was fine!) He declares he is the best plate-licker in the nation:)

Rob was given some cedar boards to use when he helps Patsy make a bird house.  He spent quite a bit of time yesterday, cleaning in the shop.  It’s an on-going project, stemming from when we moved here with way more things than we could fit into our much-smaller house.  Every time he spends time out there, I can see a big difference.  We are at the place where it won’t be long until he can actually use the shop for his tools!  Hurray! !


I spent an evening and a morning helping my friend move to a different apartment.  Her daughter was greatly amused by Patsy during the evening, which was a big help to us,  and she loved “swimming” while Rob hooked the tv back up to the VCR the next morning.  At one point, I heard her asking, “Uncle Rob, can I sit on you?”  It was so cute.  She just meant she wanted to climb up onto his lap.  At that point, he was perched on a sturdy coffee table, working closely with the cords and wires, and wasn’t able to oblige her, but enjoyed all her chitter chatter while she “helped.”  Thankfully, lots of other friends were coming by there after I left, as we did not get it all done, but we made progress.  I could not help at all beforehand, so was glad I could help afterwards.  I grabbed some taco ingredients to take, and we ate that while we unpacked, thereby cancelling the need to get pizza or anything else during the move.  I had come cookies in the freezer (out of sight, out of mind for us), and took them, and some soda, which she gave to the 2 young men who were driving the truck.

I’ve been choosing small areas to deep clean! Now that it has started to rain, I feel like working inside.  Boy, do I have a lot of messy areas!!  But, each place I clean makes me feel better, and I will get it done little by little.  I’ve even got a little of the garage cleaned up!  At Thanksgiving, I will seat several family members out there at the big, old table we kept, and I would like it to look a little tidy. (It won’t be perfect, I’m realistic)

I shopped mainly for protein and cheese this week, along with some items we finally ran out of.  I haven’t been at the regular grocery store much lately, but it was time, and I’m sure they were happy to see me:). Cheese was so inexpensive–$4.99/2-lb loaf of Bandon cheese, which is the same as Tillamook–so good.  I get several, and some shredded Lucerne cheeses as well.  I stuck to one store, and got what I needed.  I did redeem a couple of dollars from Ibotta.  I got 1 dozen eggs for free, but that’s all the freebies for this week.  I had a choice of a free item, and I chose eggs because we eat a lot of those and can always use them.

How did your week go?





14 thoughts on “Thriving in My Thrifty Week–October 28, 2018”

  1. It is amazing how much food can come from small spaces. You do an fantastic job using and preserving it all, so none of it goes to waste. It’s a good feeling to see all those canning jars lined up. That looks like an especially nice pile of gifted food. I just filled my 3rd gallon bag of vegi scraps, so will also need to be canning broth again soon. We’re about at the point where we could use some free eggs… our 13 hens are averaging one egg a day right now.

    1. I well remember how it was to have either an overflow of eggs or absolutely none while they took their little rest…I was always glad when we had so many in the fridge that they almost carried over until they stopped their molt.

  2. You get the gold medal for gardening and canning this year with all you have had going on. Tillamok cheese is kind of hard to find jere but it sure is good when we have had it.

    I feel like I won the ibotta game last week. I got $40 worth of groceries and will get back $28.80. That included 6 large boxes of cereal for free.

  3. I am sure you are ready for a break from canning. I remember a picture you took last year (?) and your fully stocked shelves were amazing. My maternal grandmother would can over 400 quarts of tomatoes a year! My grandfather was a world class gardener and his tomatoes were amazing.

    Can’t wait to hear about the goodies you make!

    I did a deep clean of the living and dining rooms – still washing curtains. We live next to a dirt road and are surrounded by fields – lots of wind and so therefore dust and dirt are hard to keep up with. We put in laminate floors a few years ago as we knew that even with daily vacuuming we weren’t really getting them clean (and have cats and dogs). I am using Marivene’s “one bucket of weeds” approach to my cleaning this year – it seems daunting if I think if ALL that needs to be done but a drawer at a time, a room at a time is far easier fro me to think about.

    I’ve been able to find eggs on sale at Kroger – the deep discounts and have three dozen. We eat more eggs in cooler weather as we eat them for breakfast more often along with the little baking I do ;). I’ve noticed that the local people who usually sell eggs aren’t putting out their signs. Maybe ladies are taking a break!

    1. 400 quarts? Wow, they must have really loved eating tomato products–that’s about 4 jars per week! Still, I can see using that many if there was a large family to feed–they are so useful for everything from chili to spaghetti sauce, and soup….so many uses:). He must have been an amazing gardener to grow that many!

      All that has to be done is daunting to me as well, so I like to break it down, also. Still, I feel overwhelmed at times, but every little thing done is a good thing and better than doing nothing:)

    1. No need to feel guilty. I actually enjoy the process of canning and food preservation, which is probably one reason I do so much of it! I’m sure you have many other things you love to do, just not canning. You won’t catch me cutting anyone’s hair–I’m terrible at it. Even the girls had their father trim their hair instead of me:)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful week to me! I’m sad to say I didn’t do a single bit of canning this year. I did dehydrate a few things. (However maybe we are closer to getting to the root of the medical problems I’ve been having and I’m hopeful that relief is in sight.)

    I love that you described your cookies as out of sight and out of mind LOL. That is so us, too. I make logs of dough to bake later and keep them in the freezer. I just pull out enough for about 24 cookies at a time.

    1. I’m glad they are figuring out your medical problems. I have to say, we are spending so much time at the doctor, at least my husband is, that it’s crazy!!! It sure takes time. Hopefully, the end is in sight for you.

      Yeah….those cookies….dangerous!

  5. Another busy and productive week, Becky. It was so kind of you to help your friend with her move. I’m sure she appreciates it, very much.

    I’m glad you finished all your canning for the year! I know you enjoy doing it, but, it’s a lot of work, too. Your garden certainly produced a lot of food! All your efforts paid off and now, you get to enjoy the produce over the winter.

    It was very kind of Jake to provide you with free entertainment with his plate licking skills! 😀

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