Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes–2018


This year, we signed up for one morning to help at the drop-off for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes.  My husband and I, 1 daughter, 2 nieces and our nephew all joined others at our church which was a drop site for the first time.


We had a slow trickle of people bringing boxes all morning.  Most people brought in from 1-6 boxes.  Some of those were individuals, and some were small church groups.  One group brought over 100, though, the entire back of a pickup truck full.


Michaela especially enjoyed helping the volunteers that were packing the boxes into huge cardboard boxes and they had her write the number of small boxes contained in the big box on the side, in the designated place, each time.

It was our first time volunteering at a drop-site before, and we quickly learned to check the boxes for labels, have the contributors sign the correct form, and how to pack them up.  We had a really good time and it was good for the kids to help.


We had 2 families working together on 2 boxes.  We let the children choose what ages/gender we wanted to make boxes for.  They chose toddler girls.  Patsy helped sew this skirt, and I finished it and another one for the other box.  I was glad we could work on her sewing skills for such a good project.


I would like to say the rest of the things were hand-made from ideas off of Pinterest, but they weren’t.  I struggle for time.  We hit up the school supply sales in late August, the Dollar Tree, super sales of t-shirts from the internet, and got a few things at Fred Meyers.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, although I’ve seen some really cool ideas out there, which would be loved, I’m sure.  The children are grateful for whatever they get, and I’m happy to be a part of the project as we have been for many years.  When we had to look into some  boxes to determine who they were for because they were not labeled, I noticed a vast difference in the amount and kinds of items in the boxes.  Each one is individually packed by a person or family, and they vary greatly.  I was told that if a box is really lightly packed, they will add a thing or two at the warehouse, but will never remove items from a full box.  (One of the ladies I worked with today had spent time volunteering at the large warehouse in California)


Everything fitted!  The special boxes were at a restaurant my husband went to with a friend.  We would have used empty shoe boxes as we have always done if he had not stumbled upon these.


Rob went on the internet and paid for the shipping.  He signed up for tracking for our boxes.  Hopefully, we will remember to look and see where they go!  The only other time we did that option, last year, we forgot to look, as we were so used to just sending them off with a prayer and never knowing where they went for so many years before:). This is a newer feature that is available.

There is still time if you haven’t filled a box this year, but wanted to!  They are collecting all week, until the 19th of November.  The internet is chock-full of ideas, both easy and time-consuming.  It’s a way to bless a child that you will never see, and share God’s love with them–something everyone needs to know, whatever their age, wherever they live or whatever their circumstances.  God uses all of us to spread His love to those little ones He cares for so very, very much.  I’m happy I got to be a part of that this year.



17 thoughts on “Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes–2018”

    1. I think there are so many people who love doing that project! It was super fun to be in a place where I got to see so many boxes come in, and I’ve heard it gets busier and busier as the week goes on!

        1. It was the coordinator’s first time, too, so none of us knew what to expect. She had so many of us lined up to help–we had some busy times, and some times where we just sat around and visited. Once someone told here about the fact that it was going to get busier later, I noticed she already started thinking about more help later in the week, especially next Monday, the last day. We were told it would be crazy/nuts that day! How exciting!

  1. Hello there my friend! What a wonderful thing to do. I want to be able to put together a few of these next year when hopefully things are a bit calmer and more under control. Those skirts turned out so cute!!!

  2. The skirts were a really great idea! The stores here stock a ton of plastic shoe boxes this time of year because here most everyone packs n them so that the box is a gift too and can be used may ways. My uncle lives on a sailboat in the Gulf of Mexico and a few years ago he loaded up his boat with boxes and sailed them to a country in Central America. We had no idea they would even want that kind of help.

    1. One year, we used those plastic boxes. I just didn’t think of it this year, but was glad to get those red ones:)

      That’s so cool that your uncle sailed boxes somewhere! That’s amazing. What a way to really feel a part of something so big:)

  3. Sounds like a really worthwhile project for the kids to help with. You certainly packed a lot of things into your shoe boxes! I’m sure each shoe box will be received with much pleasure.

  4. My church did a little over 500 boxes . My daughter works at the drop off church near my home. After every holiday, we go to Walmart and ask for a bigger discount on stuffed animals, school supplies, summer toys. We got glue sticks for 8 cents and hats and mittiens for 25 cents. Keeping an eye out and asking for discounts can pay off. I loved the pictures of the kids helping.

    1. That is so heart-warming to think that 500 children will be blessed. It’s mind-boggling to think how many children will be blessed in all by everyone working together:)

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