Strawberry Season

Yesterday, my sister and I and some friends went to the strawberry patch. In the end, there were 4 adults, 7 kids and Michaela. We picked and picked and I came home with enough to make a double batch of jam, and plenty for eating fresh. Since my berries are limping along, to put it nicely, I was glad to get a big bunch of them to get to work on.

I had never been to this strawberry patch before. It was a beautifully kept farm with many kinds of fruit, berries and veggies that are just starting to ripen, each in it’s own season. We had to walk a long ways just to get to the berries, but there were wagons to pull to make it easy to get the fruit back to the stand.

I just had to chuckle at the tiniest picker. She filled this bucket all by herself and insisted on carrying it all by herself. Finally, after she realized they were coming out of the bucket with each bouncy step she took, she allowed me to carry it back to the stand where we paid for the fruit. It was super cute! Not bad for a little one who just turned 4 a couple of weeks ago:)

8 thoughts on “Strawberry Season”

  1. So did they weigh each person when they arrived and again as they were leaving to see how much they had eaten while picking?


    1. Ha, ha:).

      Believe it or not, around here, it’s u-pick protocol to let people eat a few along the way. Seriously. I grew up on a u-pick fruit farm.

      1. I assumed that was so; however, no one but my doctor knows what I weigh. When I stand on their office scales, I turn around backwards so I don’t have to look at the numbers. If a u-pick-it had asked to weigh me, I would have run away fast!

        1. That’s so funny! I want to try that, but I doubt I’ll get away with it. Mine likes to announce the number big and loud:)

    1. I really liked both farms I picked at this year. The first one was so lovely–just pristine. Having grown up on a farm, I respect what it takes to keep it looking like that. The second farm I went to yesterday was not as closely groomed, but still nice, and the berries were so thick that I just filled my 2 crates quickly, came home and made a lot more jam. They were less expensive at farm #2, which was nice because I got 16 pounds yesterday:).

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