Thriving In My thrifty Week–June 16, 2019

Happy birthday, Danait! And Ja’Ana. And Patsy. And Abbie……It’s been a packed 8 days:). Yesterday was Danait’s birthday party. Her mama cooked tons of delicious African food, a cake was purchased, and there were plenty of family and friends to celebrate with her. I’m super pleased with the little outfit I sewed for her. It fits beautifully, and the top was made from a scrap of eyelet fabric, some white cotton, and some scraps of lace.

I used a pattern I’ve had for years and years and modified it to suit my scraps. So, I paid absolutely nothing out of pocket for this outfit, but made up for it in time:). We added a few inexpensive toys from the Dollar Store, such as a coloring book and some crayons I bought last summer, and so forth.

Our family and my sister were in charge of a few simple games. Patsy led them in such games as:

carry the gummy bear in a plastic spoon relay,


–carry the paper cup full of water up to Rob and no worries if you spill it on him when you are putting it into the container,

and throw the plastic frog at the ring.

Then my sister, Rosalie, dumped a bag of prizes on the ground and let them each pick one. There were a few younger siblings running around, too, and they all got things, too. These were all Dollar Store prizes, and they all got a bottle of bubbles, but it was amazing how long they all played with their inexpensive toys. It was good to see them having so much fun.

It was very simple but it was amazing how much fun they all had between the food, simple games, and playground equipment.

Pretty soon, the coffee was made and passed around for all the adults. Popcorn was brought out for all to enjoy.

With that nice shot of caffeine, we were able to finish and clean up a bit. When our family finally left at around 4, several others were still enjoying the party–no one wanted to leave–it was that nice of a party, but we had things we needed to do at home, so we reluctantly left.

I enjoyed meeting several new people, and loved the hospitality that is always shown by that crew. Coffee, cake and popcorn were offered to any and all who walked by at the park and a surprising number of people accepted. There was a man and his wife who actually sat down and joined the party for a while. I have met and enjoyed the wives of a few of the dads who brought their kids to the party on other occasions, but it was nice for both Rob and myself to visit with the dads.

I did a few other things other than plan games and go to the party. I took my son Anthony and Allison to the zoo, using my zoo pass. Patsy went too, as it was her idea. They had a great time as neither had been there for a long time. I packed food and water and I told them to bring their own money if they wanted souvenirs, so it was very frugal for me.

I’ve been picking raspberries and strawberries, artichokes and a head of lettuce that grew volunteer by the compost heap. My aunt gave me some lettuce she grew. I harvested my first snow peas yesterday. I weeded and hoed several times, mostly in the evenings or early mornings as it was very hot for a couple of days.

The scale is starting to move in the right direction for Rob again, after a plateau. The doctor put him down to 1000 calories per day–yikes!–but it’s starting to work. He’s been working hard at this for over a year now, and is very close to being 100 pounds less than he was a year ago. He’s going to have to break down and get some new clothes.

I bought loss leaders at the grocery store this week. We grabbed the mayonnaise for $1.49/jar, the baked beans for $.99/big can and got several of each. We got a few other groceries, but are not shopping much this month. I have several frozen items I want to finish up before the new crop gets ready in the garden and fields, so we are targeting those foods. I’ve been making lots of zucchini bread, for example, from frozen zucchini. Since we are not eating a lot around here, that keeps the need for groceries low as well, other than produce.

It was a good week, and I wouldn’t change a thing. Still, I’m looking forward to a calmer week ahead. How about you?

24 thoughts on “Thriving In My thrifty Week–June 16, 2019”

  1. Oh Becky!!!! That outfit for Danait is absolutely adorable!!!!! And I love that it didn’t cost a penny!!!! What an amazing talent you have! I’m sure she will get a lot of compliments every time she wears that outfit! Now if you could just make Rob some clothes that fit!! ???

  2. Loved the post about the birthday party. It reminds me of parties i went to as a kid. People seem to forget these days that kid’s parties don’t have to be so expensive. Let them be kids is my philosophy and run around.
    And just wow about Rob’s pictures. I could even see it in his face from the park photos of the party.
    From the last post – I read the Pickle cookbook cover to cover yesterday. Do you remember the part about dehydrating cucumbers and then rehydrating them in brine to make pickles? I thought that was amazing and can’t wait to try it. It would solve my challenge of canning these days. I just don’t have the energy I used to to even fill up one canner.
    I’m finally back to a more normal. It’s been 12 wks since my dog passed and I finally feel like I’m over the hard parts. At least for today. Off to the gardens later – my June bearing strawberries are just about done and I need to fertilize. And the ever-bearing need to be moved to a new location to avoid a pesky rodent or birds that keep getting the berries – even through a double layer of netting. Beans are up for the first round and I need to plant the next micro row — my veggie garden is a series of 18-inch sowings of various veggies. Changed days from when I had a full house.
    Blessings to you and yours on Father’s day

    1. I loved the simplicity as well. I also loved that all the kids had lots of fun. Maybe the games were so old-fashioned they seemed new to them?And, who wouldn’t love to spill water on Rob!!Right?

  3. Wow! Rob is doing amazing! I was scrolling down reading and thinking I could tell a difference while he was sitting in the chair with the children surrounding him with their water, but then was blown away with the picture of him standing up! His doctor ought to be totally ready to do his surgery soon and realize how serious Rob is about having it done and taking care of himself. I’m happy for you both, losing weight is no easy task, especially while he’s suffering in pain and trying to continue to work and do necessary things. It looks like you guys had a fun, exciting week. Happy birthday to all the special people in your life.

  4. The top and shorts that you made up for Danait are really cute. She looks sweet in her new outfit. As a child, I always felt special in the clothing that my mom made for me (often with her own made up pattern). Rob is looking fantastically healthy these days! I imagine the awesome results keep him motived to plow forward even though the weight-loss journey is challenging. Congratulations to both of you for making it happen (lots of credit should go to you as well for all the healthy meals you prepare for him).

  5. The picture of Rob really says it all. He is doing an amazing job and should be so proud of himself. Happy birthday to everyone. The party looked like a hit. Kids are very easy. They are happy with an empty box. Adults are the ones with the expectations. Your garden is producing well so far. I am done with strawberries for now. I have been picking tons of kale. I have already frozen a nice amount for smoothies. I have been picking lots of parsley and drying it to get through the year. I was down to my last 1/4 jar so I am hoping to get more this year then last year. I barely made it. The peas have been doing great and we are enjoying them fresh and sauteed. Have a great week.

    1. My snow peas have really started to produce. I’m super excited to have the garden start producing. That man of mine is eating a LOT of veggies these days!

  6. What a fun party and l love the outfit you made as a gift. Adorable! I am so impressed with rob and his dedication and determination to achieve his goal. I’m sure it helps to have such. A supportive partner in you. As always, l thoroughly enjoyed your post. Have a great week

    1. I was happy with the outfit, too, after a little fuss when it wasn’t coming together?…but that part was soo behind me and I loved how it came out.

  7. Go, Rob. So glad for him. I know it was really hard and he can’t be praised enough for sticking with it. Dieting is so hard for so many reasons. He sets a fine example for all of us. And I really love the outfit you made. So so cute.

  8. With your sewing talent, you can probably refashion some of Rob’s shirts into dresses/aprons, etc. I’ve seen a number of options on pinterest.

  9. Sounds like a fun party! Love the little outfit; it is just beautiful, and what a sweet little girl.
    Wow, congratulations to Rob! That is awesome! Oh I hope he will be able to have the surgery soon, so he won’t be in so much pain.
    Sounds like a busy but fun week.

  10. My goodness, what a week!

    The blouse is so cute. You did a great job using up what you had in your fabric stash. The time and thought you put into creating something special was worth more than anything money could buy.

    I think children enjoy simple things just as much, if not more than something expensive.

    Rob’s weight loss has been amazing. I know it’s been extremely rough but tell him I am impressed.


    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! At this point, he needs all he can get:). This is rough. I don’t have the willpower he has, but he’s pretty motivated because his hip hurts so bad. 🙁

      I chose shorts for Danait because my sister Rosalie and I went through her drawers looking to see what she needed (yes, we did–thankfully, she’s only 5, and we had Mama’s permission) and a shorts set won the prize. My sister got her a couple of sets as well. She should be in pretty good shape for summer now.

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