Patsy’s 4H Sewing Project–A Cute Doll

Patsy decided to sew a doll for her 4H sewing project. She found the pattern in a library book I checked out. She used the scraps from the skirt I made her for Hawaii and some scraps of white cotton fabric.

The hair was made from felt and the face was embroidered. She worked on it for a few sessions, and finished it up yesterday.

Rob bought her some stuffing at the Union Gospel Mission thrift store, once I realized we had none. Skills that were new to her included: stuffing the arms, legs and body, top-stitching so many curves and pivots on the hair, working with felt, and sewing the body of a doll while working around the fact that legs and arms were inside getting in the way!

Patsy’s plan for this doll is to put her into a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child and send her to a little girl across the world somewhere. It looks to me like dolly is ready for an adventure!

I was happy that she could work on her sewing skills on a project that interested her and very pleased that she could use scraps and other inexpensive materials to make something that helped her improve her skills while bringing joy to a little girl this Christmas. Win-win for everyone!

20 thoughts on “Patsy’s 4H Sewing Project–A Cute Doll”

    1. Thanks, Laura. She loved doing this project more than any other project she’s done lately. She’s been able to do so many more “home” projects since we started homeschooling her. I’m glad she can explore more interests with the scheduling change.

  1. The doll is adorable! What a great job by Patsy. I’m so happy you are able to start up your 4-H again. My Lily is doing Dairy Cattle, Leadership, Baking and Rabbit projects this year.

    1. It sounds like you have a lot of good projects going on! We’ve done a little small animal 4H in the past, but have very little room here in town for animals, so are sticking to just Outdoors and Cooking right now. I will keep going with Patsy on sewing, and she does fiber arts as well. She especially loves to embroider, so the doll was a great combination of sewing and embroidery since she needed to make the face.

      1. That’s wonderful. Sewing and fiber arts are such valuable skills. It makes me want to learn to sew. ?

        1. I’ve never been sorry I learned to sew. It’s come in handy so many times. My mother was SOOOOO patient–I was just thinking of a lot of times when she was trying to cook dinner and I just kept bringing my sewing in the kitchen so she could answer my questions, and help me. It’s a wonder we got any dinner!

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