Sewing A Dress-May 15, 2020

I used some of the cotton fabric we purchased for $1.80/yard to make Patsy a dress. She has been wanting a dress that twirls around, with lots of fabric in it. The price was right, so I used yards and yards to make this dress for her.

She chose view B, with the hi-low hemline.

This fabric is very thin, so it drapes well. I don’t think a more sturdy cotton would work very well, but I do think a knit fabric would.

It was raining yesterday, so she decided to wear the dress with a white t-shirt. When it gets really hot, a tank top will do.

4 thoughts on “Sewing A Dress-May 15, 2020”

  1. I am needing some new clothes. You can’t try on clothes at the stores (due to the virus) neither can you return them (also due to the virus) so I can’t shop. I have been wearing the same things over and over and they are wearing out. The washing machine broke (only worked on small loads) so we limped along during the lockdown. If you wash a few things every day, you end up grabbing what is in front of the closet. It really broke and flooded the laundry room and garage below. Then I braved going out to buy another one. IT DIDN’T WORK EITHER. It only filled up the water to 3 inches. So they brought me another one, which DID THE SAME THING! I have ordered another brand but it won’t be in until the end of June (supply chain breading down). So I might be sewing some clothes also. It is a good skill to know although knowing how to over-ride the bad programming on a defective chip on a washing machine might be a better skill…hmmm. Nope. I don’t have that much brain power.
    Good job teaching Patsy.

    1. Oh boy! That is a lot of washing machine problems. I’m so sorry!
      For clothes, I used the remaining gift cards from Macy’s that I had received for Christmas and ordered some t-shirts and pants and some underthings. It was a bit of a gamble, but I stuck to the very basics and everything fit. But, I’m talking the same exact style and number from the tag on the bras, simple knit pants and a couple of tops. That’s it…but it’s what I needed and I was delighted to use the gift cards all the way up. So, maybe you could try on-line ordering.

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