Patsy’s Been Sewing–May 16, 2020

Since Patsy has finished so much of her schoolwork for the year, she’s had a little extra time on her hands. She pulled out this skirt that she started quite some time ago and finished it.

The new skill for her on this skirt was a separate casing that was applied to the top of the skirt and the elastic was inserted into that.

She is still working on her sewing skills. In addition to sewing, she’s also been working on her 4H sewing advancement, which is a list of activities she can do to increase sewing skills.

6 thoughts on “Patsy’s Been Sewing–May 16, 2020”

  1. Patsy did a great job! I love the print.

    My daughter has decided to sew a few things this summer too. She has two weeks of school left and then will work on a pair of elastic wait shorts. Sewing is such a useful skill to have. I’m currently trying to convince my son he also needs to at least learn the basics.

    Does Rob have a surgery date yet? I hope so!

    Have a wonderful week,

    1. Rob’s new date is June 29. We are hoping nothing changes that.

      Elastic waist shorts are a wonderful thing to sew. I hope they go very smoothly for her. I agree. Sewing is such a great skill to know. I’ve found that there’s nothing that makes a good sewer other than sewing, sewing, sewing! That’s why I consider it the hardest 4H skill that we do–it takes so much time and mistakes are made–but there’s such a good pay-off in the end!

  2. I love all the sewing projects. And what cute cute fabric. Both on this post and the one before it.
    I have to admit, pulling out the sewing machine is on my to do list. It’s been gathering dust for some time.
    Also great job on the painted rocks. I’ve got red paint to do the same thing for my strawberry bed.
    What kind of strawberries are you growing? I’m down to one kind – an everbearing variety. I have both flowers and some very tiny green fruit showing as of Friday
    Take good care.

    1. I think those berries are Seascape. I believe I have something called Tristar (or similar, I forget) in the other bed.

      Thank you for the compliments on the sewing. I hope you get a fun project going soon.

  3. That’s a great skirt and it looks like she did a very good job on it! I agree that sewing skills are good to have.

    1. Right now, she’s making those little zippered pouches again. I think she’s made 6 or 8 of them lately. It was so kind of friends to send zippers and one friend sent some fabric. It’s great she can just mess around with her projects.

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