Thriving In My Thrifty Week–June 23, 2020

This week, I was able to preserve some cherries. A friend had some left-over cherries that his friend had not sold at a farmers’ market and gifted us a box. I had a little sorting to do, as some were over the hill, but most were wonderful!

I was able to freeze several baggies and can 11 pints. My fingers are still purple:)

The everbearing raspberries and strawberries are really pumping out the fruit right now. Every other day I have been picking them and flash freezing the ones we don’t eat right up or give away. Then, I package them up for winter use. Since most strawberries are used in smoothies, we like them frozen separate, not in a big clump, to make it easier to drop into the blender.

Patsy has been working at odd jobs. She’s been doing yard work for the aunties and got to mow the neighbor’s yard for money when their lawn mower broke. She had wanted to get a job when she turned 16, but Covid-19 has put a hitch in her plans. It’s been wonderful that other jobs have turned up that she can do.

Rob found an entire van load of good firewood in the free pile. We spent a day helping him get that put away for winter. He can stand by his chop saw and saw it into pieces and Patsy and I can haul it. The wood shed is getting very, very full, which is nice because he will be unable to work with wood at all for a while after his surgery. I think I have convinced him to let it lie, no matter how wonderful the wood looks that he might see, until after the surgery!

We are trying to get all the odds and ends done around here, as we are planning for me to do only the bare minimum right after he gets his surgery and cannot help. We have the relatives lined up to help, which is a great relief, but don’t plan to make them do things like collect and saw free firewood, fill yard debris bins full of trimmings, or other jobs like that. (I’ll bet you relatives are relieved, huh?).

I finished a baby quilt I’ve been working on for a few months. I really like how it came out.

I sold and shipped some more of Patsy’s old school books.

18 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–June 23, 2020”

  1. Oh my goodness that quilt is absolutely adorable!!!! I LOVE it! You are so talented! The berries and cherries are also an amazing site! Yum! Praying for you and Rob to get everything ready before surgery! You got this!

  2. The quilt is adorable, Becky! I continue to be impressed by your industry and l’m sure your relatives and friends will be glad to help since you are always giving to others. ?

  3. Your quilt is very cute! A free box of cherries sounds like a blessing. The friend and farmer couldn’t have found a better person to make use of them. How wonderful to have a shed full of wood. We’re in the same place this year, which was not the case last year. It certainly feels better to have it.

    1. Thank you. It is a good feeling to have a bunch of wood! We are looking forward to going out into the forest and chopping wood once Rob is recovered.

  4. After reading about all you have accomplished, I feel guilty for sitting here drinking coffee and reading your blog. Nevermind. I will get over the guilt quickly.
    Love the quilt. It makes me want to sit and sew…but the garden must be attended to now!

    1. I’ve been going like a wildfire, knowing I will be sitting down at the hospital for the next 2 days at least, and then staying home completely for 2 weeks, per dr. instructions, except for therapy appointments. Once the first few days are over, and Rob is relatively comfortable on his own for a couple of hours, I will work on the garden more. But, I tried to get several projects, like the quilt, done before the surgery.

  5. I am SO excited for Rob to have his surgery! He’s worked so hard and must be in so much pain. I know recovery will take time, but I’m so happy for him, having followed his journey through your blog.

  6. What wonderful gifts of such yummy fruit! And that quilt is beautiful; whoever receives it will be blessed! I wanted to let you and Rob I’m praying for him, as he prepares for surgery , tomorrow? Anyway, I pray that he will sense the Lord’s presence and peace in a mighty way, and that you will too!

  7. Long time reader, first time commenter. One of my first thoughts this morning was of Rob. Praying his surgery goes well and he will be healthier and stronger than before.

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