Thriving In My thrifty Week–August 2, 2020

Way before Rob’s surgery, my sister booked a cabin at Detroit Lake and invited us to come with their family for a few days. She wanted him to have something to look forward to post-surgery. As we discussed the upcoming trip, we talked about how he would probably need help up the few stairs, a ground level room so he could lie down when needed, and maybe could or maybe could not walk the 50 feet to the lake or go out on a boat one day. What a different, and wonderful, scenario it was!

Instead of sitting in the cabin, he went down to the lake several times. While down there, he fished, helped the kids fish and swam more than once. He had no trouble on the stairs or anywhere else, but made sure to use his trekker poles and follow his hip surgery precautions at all times. One morning, he and I walked all over the tiny lake town for exercise. It was nice to have a different change of scenery.

He took some of the kids rock collecting and creek walking.

On the day my sister rented a pontoon boat, we all fished for the morning, and swam during the afternoon. We took a picnic with us to enjoy at lunch time. Michaela got a fishing license before she went on the trip, with Rob’s help. Then, of course, she wanted to fish. He helped her hook this one, and she landed it. She was SO excited.

I caught a fish, too! It was the biggest trout I’ve caught in years, well over 12 inches, and we ate it for dinner that night, along with the one Rob helped Michaela catch.

Jake’s parents have chosen to continue homeschooling next fall, and are continuing his education during the summer. So, 2 of the days we were there, he did schoolwork. His mom organized it all, and his dad and mom both worked with him at times. Uncle helped him with science projects twice. I read two entire short chapter books to him. One was school, one was for fun. He would lay in wait for me to come out to where ever he was and get me to read to him,–it was so cute and fun. He commandeered everyone he could to play air hockey and foosball in the basement game room the cabin had, and although he beat me at air hockey, I did win the foosball game:). He talked every single one of us into Yahtzee at one time or another, and even used my phone to text Grandma for her Yahtzee-winning secrets one time, and then won the game!

We took all of our food, and cooked every meal at the cabin. We had a blast, and got some rest. Which was good because……

When we got home…..yikes! I had picked the garden produce before we went and processed everything or packed it for the trip. I needed to work for 12-16 hours a couple of days to get it taken care of before we left, but nothing was neglected or forgotten, except 3 pickling cucumbers that grew too big to use while we were gone, and about 10 beans that went over the hill. I can so totally live with that!

Since I’ve been home, I’ve canned beet pickles, dill pickles, blueberry pie filling and green beans. I’ve frozen the last of the peaches, some strawberries and blueberries.

Yesterday afternoon, we had a bean-snapping/canning party at my sister’s house. My other sister is growing tons of beans and is sharing. So after virtual church, Rob and I went over to Gail’s and joined their family and my aunt, who were all snapping like crazy. We got 28 quarts done! We took our canner, used their canner, and one that Rob’s friend gave us just last week. They never use it anymore, so we gratefully accepted. Rob stood by the canners, keeping time and keeping them all at correct pressure–that was his exclusive job, and the rest of us snapped and filled jars. When I left, they were all sealed, except one, and I’m sure it did. It sure speeds things up with multiple canners and lots of help!

I’ve been working on my garden in the evenings and mornings. I’m removing old bushes, harvesting produce, and weeding. I’m getting an area ready because I plan to plant a fall garden.

We ordered some more seeds from Territorial Seed Company for fall planting. They were out of a lot of things in their on-line winter gardening catalog, but we were able to get enough. We just wanted a few things like spinach, cabbage, etc. If they didn’t have the variety I wanted, I just chose another one, figuring they all must have some merit or they wouldn’t have made it into the seed catalog in the first place! Maybe I’ll find a new favorite. We have eaten and shared so many of our vegetables this summer–much more than we usually do, so I’m excited to get more going.

Rob took this picture of the clouds. I really like it, so thought I’d end the blog post with it, just because:)

26 thoughts on “Thriving In My thrifty Week–August 2, 2020”

    1. Grandma Gladys’ Yahtzee hints (which are not really secrets to anyone but Jake): Try to get at least 3 of each number on the top of the score card, i.e. 3–6’s, 5’s, etc. so you can get the bonus. She fills the top first if she can. She hopes Jake gets lots of Yahtzees and good numbers. It worked! He did:)

        1. Thank you. I’m glad you enjoy it. We play Yahtzee quite a bit with both Michaela and Jake, as it is a game that works for everybody. It’s not too long, too short, too hard, or too easy. It’s so nice that there is a game like that! Last night, I had a nightmare that I had to play Monopoly with the kids…..thankfully, I woke up:). I played it endlessly when I was a kid, but don’t have the patience for such a long game at this point of my life.

          1. How hilarious!!! Sounds like a nightmare I might have! Especially if I had to play with my cutthroat son!

  1. How wonderful you got to get away for a few days, though I know what it’s like to work hard before, to make sure you leave the garden in good shape. I said to another solo canner last week how nice it must have been when families did it together, to spread the work load out. It’s good to know that still happens. We’ve shared lots from our garden this year too. I’ve also put plenty up, and will continue to.

    1. And that would be why I’m just not getting around to comments on this blog! I had SO much to do in the garden and around the house. I’m still not caught up, but I’m still glad I got to go.

  2. That lake is so beautiful. We just spent two weeks at our lake house and came home to reality on Sunday! A house came on the market in our price range yesterday and it had a Viking professional range. All I could think was how many canners I could put on it at once! Sellers disclosure was scary and I was sad not to even go look at it because I wanted that big stove! I am so happy to hear of how well Rob is doing!

    1. I’ve heard of Viking ranges, but have never actually seen one. Sorry you didn’t get it, but it sounds like that house had some issues:(

  3. With as busy as your life has been, I’m glad you were able to get away and get some relaxation in!

    Glad that Rob is able to get around so well! It must be a relief for the both of you that he no longer has the pain that he had before the surgery.

    1. It is a huge relief. He can stand up, sit down, has joined us for family meals at the table, sat on the couch twice (although it’s still a little too low for him to easily get up from) and so forth. He’s loving that he can just get up and do things without having to decide if the pain is worth it!

  4. Happy Birthday, Becky!
    Odd fact for today: Did you realize that you and I are closer in age than I am with Gladys? You and I are only 10 years apart!

    Uncle Carl

    1. I didn’t realize that! I just remember being little and thinking you were the best “colorer” I ever saw:). I was in awe of those mad, crazy coloring skills–

      1. What you didn’t know was … that I was always hearing about NOT staying within the lines when coloring, lol. I’m sure that you are much better at crafts than I EVER was.

        1. That’s funny. I remember it clearly. You were coloring an apple. Unlike my scribbly apple, yours had multi-colors and stripes. I was IM-PRESSED! I will admit I like crafts:)

  5. Oh that sounds like a wonderful trip. I’m so glad that Rob was able to enjoy it too. Great catch, and I know the fish tasted so good. Glad you were able to get away for a few days.
    What a great idea to have a bean snapping canning party. It makes the work much easier and quicker, and fun to catch up with family. I miss those days.
    Love the cloud picture too.

    1. I think with all of our efforts combined, we have canned way over 150 quarts so far–working together is the only way to go!

  6. I’m glad you got to enjoy a bit of a holiday and Rob is doing so well. A canning party! What fun! Hope you have a lovely week ahead and stay safe!

    Did you have a birthday? If so, a very happy (if belated) birthday! Wish you all the best.

    1. I did have a birthday. Because I was very, very busy on the actual day, Rob and Patsy gave me a little mini-party the night before. They got me Chinese food, which I love and gave me some presents. It was simple and very fun!

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