90th Birthday Party for Rob’s Mom

We wanted Rob’s Mom’s 90th birthday party to be special and nice, but simple, as she requested. I think we succeeded and she, and everyone else that came, had a good time celebrating with her. Rob made this sign, using chalkboard contact paper, a board and some edging boards. He made a stand to hold it up.

The garden made a nice backdrop. We set up 2 awnings, a few tables, and got out the children’s picnic table. We moved our flowerpots around so they were part of the decorations.

We used wine barrels to hold up planks for a table and the sign. We had a “Make your own burger bar” and pulled pork sandwiches.

There were salads, chips and other side dishes, including our “Over the Hill Bubble Bath.”

Drinks, plates and extra food were on another table. Homemade ice cream and cupcakes were the dessert.

The birthday girl loved her quilt and all the other gifts she received.

All 3 of her living brothers were there, all 4 of her children, and many of her grandchildren. Pictures were taken of everyone that would hold still and smile. It was a very special day, and I was so glad to be part of it.

6 thoughts on “90th Birthday Party for Rob’s Mom”

  1. What a lovely celebration for Rob’s Mum. I am quite sure she appreciated everyone’s efforts!

    1. She did. In the beginning, she was going to just “skip” the celebration–not have a party, etc. and we said NO WAY! You are turning 90. I know she’s glad she changed her mind because she had a blast and got to see lots of people who were very important to her.

    1. She did. She called Rob yesterday to let him know how much fun she had and how happy she was with the party. I’m so glad.

    1. Thank you. I enjoyed putting the condiments in the large wooden flat crate with canning jars. I hadn’t done that before this weekend. Rob sanded down the crate and finished it a little, and I lined it with waxed paper to keep the food clean. It took a LOT more lettuce than you’d think but thankfully I have extra lettuce right now.

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