Birthday Bash for the Boys-2022

The boys are 2 days shy of one year apart. They had a double birthday party on Sunday afternoon. Zaire was celebrating his first birthday, and Malcolm his second. Auntie Lovana planned and executed the whole thing. She chose the theme “construction.” Yellow, orange and black were the colors she chose. Even the boys were dressed as construction workers in their Carhart overalls and hats.

She had a huge banner made and there were bouquets and balloons everywhere.

The child-sized picnic table was turned into a kinetic sand play station.

We had burgers, hot dogs and shrimp.

Of course there were lots of side dishes and chips to go along with the main course. To follow the construction theme, little signs were put into the various bowls. The chalkboard sign was changed from Grandma’s party to say “Happy Birthday” and a truck was drawn on it.

The boys had so much fun, but Zai was not loving the fire on top of the cake. There were 2 cakes, and they each got to blow out candles, with help, of course.

Both boys got so many nice gifts. Many of them were cars and trucks along with so many fun toys and other things. Malcolm had to take his bulldozer to bed that night. It was a long, but super fun day for us all!

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  1. The food looks great and I am sure the picnic table with the sand and trucks was a big hit with the boys! I am always in awe of all your wonderful garden posts and all that you grow, serve and preserve for such occasions!

    1. Thank you so much for the kinds words! When I was a little girl, my grandfather made us sisters a little picnic table. I have so many fond memories of eating at it during summer gatherings. I’ve hauled it around with me for years. When it finally disintegrated, Rob used it for a pattern and made our family a new one a couple of years ago. Now the younger kids can start making their own memories:)

  2. How fun is this!!! We are trying to decide on a theme for my grandson’s third birthday right now. I would love to do construction! I’ll have to show this to my daughter! Happy Birthday boys!

    1. My daughter got some super inexpensive plastic hard hats that don’t show in the pictures. We used them for chips:). They were so small and flimsy when they came in the mail that they weren’t going to work for actual hats unless they were for midgets. She had little cardboard boxes like you get popcorn in with construction pictures on them, and we filled them with a mix of popcorn, caramel corn, etc. I’m pretty sure she either ordered those, but some things were purchased at Target–not sure which things she got where. She is a big Amazon shopper, so I know quite a bit came from there. So many of the gifts ended up being trucks and other construction-type toys–Mega Blocks, etc. so now there is a sea of yellow and black all over the floor:). Fun!(A lot of the toys are at my house since they boys spend so much time here–things go back and forth a lot but quite a few things just stay here.). Malcolm is starting to want to play with those kind of toys vs. the baby toys, and Zai just wants to do whatever Mac does, so there is going to be some serious sorting that goes on in the next few days.

      Whatever you decide on a theme, I know you will have a great party, as we did.

  3. What a fun birthday party!! Happiest of birthday wishes to your grandboys. Lots of fun toys.
    Your daughter did a great job decorating, and the food looks delicious!

    1. Thank you. It did taste great! My sister brought shrimp to skewer along with the burgers and hot dogs, so I really enjoyed that part:)

  4. What a lovely party! I know the boys enjoyed themselves, even if one didn’t quite like the lit candles! Too funny! 😀

  5. You should seriously consider running a business where you plan and host parties!! This was so creative!! . And I just love toddlers in overalls! I bet Carhartt kids clothes wear like iron!

  6. Happy Birthday to the boys! Your celebrations always amaze me. You have a talent for entertaining.

    1. Thank you. I can’t take credit for the boys’ party, though, except a little here and there. That one was Lovana’s idea and implementation, with our help.

  7. Love the party! My boys are 13 months, and a day apart, and when they were younger, used to tell people, “One year, one month, and one day” apart. 😉 So cute. We have had mostly joint birthdays, all of which were a success.

    Happy birthday to Malcolm & Zaire!

    1. It’s a lot while they are little, isn’t it? But, when they are older, they will feel close to one another, we hope.

  8. Oh my goodness,Becky, that photo of Malcolm enjoying his bulldozer while not sleeping, says it all. A wonderful day for 2 precious boys!

    1. He’s in heaven with all the little construction toys that are now floating around the house–Lovana bought small ones, middle sized ones, and they got big ones for gifts….So fun.

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