Thriving In My Thrifty Week–March 20, 2023

The most exciting thing I did all week was plant part of my garden. We had a few really nice, warm days and I thought it would be worth a try to see if I could get in there. I could, in only one section, but it was enough! In fact, even the area closest to the camera was still too wet on that day.

I planted 5 rows of Maestro shelling peas for freezing and a small section of Oregon Sugar Pod II snow peas. I plant succession plantings of those every few weeks and we usually have them from spring until fall each year to eat fresh.

I planted a row of Early Wonder Tall Top beets and a row of beet seeds Rob saved last summer. They are likely the same kind, but I’m not exactly sure since I did have another kind in the garden last summer, as well. I do know they are viable, because we tested them by wetting a paper towel and sprouting a few on the windowsill.

There is an entire row of Danvers carrots, with a tiny section of a random variety and another whole row of Rob’s saved carrot seeds. Last summer, I was able to can quite a few carrots from our garden, and I planted extra this year in hopes of doing the same.

A mixed row contains Wild Garden Mix lettuce and Butter crunch lettuce along with a few French Breakfast radishes and cilantro.

One more row holds Lakeside and Bloomsdale Long-Standing spinach. I hope to freeze some of that.

Of course, I had lots of help. All-in-all, between the adults who took him out, he was out for at least 6 hours on that day. He loves it out there.

The part of the garden you see Malcolm in, as well as another strip on the other side of the planted strip are too wet to plant yet. Since it started raining and hasn’t stopped yet, it will likely be quite some time before those slices are ready, but it’s still way too early for the main crops anyway. It’s just so wonderful to have some early crops in so the constant drizzle can water them and they can grow this spring.

My little lettuce and green onion starts did survive the snow. I’ve added in some Baby Boc Choi, Lyon chard, Rainbow chard and more lettuce to that raised bed.

I also got some work done in flowerbeds. I worked especially on the one that contains my herbs and around the blueberry bushes. There is SO much left to do, but I’m so glad I was able to make a good start.

Work continues in the greenhouse and soon there will be tons of fresh veggies growing to make soups like this one. This is a vegetable soup I made from preserved veggies and we’ve been enjoying it all week.

I hit the jackpot at Safeway this week while shopping. Pork chops were 77c/lb. I got 2 huge packs.The meat man put out some pork roasts he wanted to unload right as we walked past, also for 77c/lb. I got one of those. Shrimp was about $4/lb. I got 2 lbs. Containers of peanuts were 67c each. Rob found a coupon for $1 off 2 containers. We got 4 containers for 17c/each. I got some breakfast sausage, lemons, oranges, bananas, 1/2 and 1/2 and 16 ounce shredded Tillamook cheese (2), a box of ramen for my nephew, plus a few other items. I used Bottle Drop money, downloaded coupons and only had to pay $18 out of pocket.

Later, I went to Fred Meyers (Kroger), and got cheese for $1.29/6-8 oz., Easter candy for 33% off, cottage cheese for $1.50/16-oz, sour cream $1.50/16 oz., sherbet, and a few other things.

Most of the food items were frozen or put on the pantry shelves to be used later, but we did use one of the packs of pork chops and ate some peanuts.

I’ve got most of what I need for Easter, now, so I will just add a few more items and be set when that comes along.

I’ve cooked soup, Asian meatballs, rice, pork chops (Rob BBqd), home-baked fish sticks, tomato soup from a box and toasted cheese sandwiches and salads. We’ve eaten lots of leftovers, as well. When I made manacotti for the college group last Tuesday, I made lots for us, as well, so we just finished that up. I make oatmeal constantly for my grandson–he will eat it any time of the day. So easy!

Since it’s been raining constantly since I did that garden/yard work, I haven’t been able to get out there in the past couple of days. I’m super glad I got out there when I did. I may not get another chance in the garden for a while, but am hoping for windows of opportunity where I can at least do some clipping and trimming on bushes that need it or edging with my shovel in a few places.

6 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–March 20, 2023”

  1. Sounds like another busy week for you! Love your little gardener/helper! You got a great deal on those pork chops and roast! I used up all my March grocery budget doing a stock up mid March (chicken was on sale for $.99/lb. and I bought a few other items to stock up before prices went up!) Of course the store is having more good deals, this week, including items that are on my list, but, I don’t really want to “borrow” from the April budget to buy them. Hopefully, peanut butter and canned tuna will go on another $1 each sale, in April, too! Or May – I can manage till then! 🙂
    It’s raining here, too!

    1. They have had a lot of great deals around here lately, as well. It’s hard to slow down from buying them all, even though I want to make room in my freezers:). It’s just a matter of “who can turn down 77c/lb meat? Not me, apparently:). There’s a fine, fine line, though, and I don’t want too much and end up wasting. Thankfully, I’m no where near that yet. It seems to be working out just right.

  2. Wow, Becky–$.77/lb for meat??? What a blessing! It’s a happy sight, to see Malcolm out there in the garden. The soil looks like a fresh canvas, waiting to be painted!!!

    1. I need to check that garden today! There has been nothing but a deluge of rain since I planted, so I’m hoping it all didn’t rot!

  3. You got some fantastic deals! They are still out there but it seems we have to hunt harder. I almost never find marked down anything anymore. I check the clearance bins but they either have nothing or things that I don’t consider worth it.

    It means I have to work harder.


    1. That’s how I feel lately, too! Thankfully, we are really loaded up with groceries and leftovers again, after Easter, and I still have so much freezer and pantry to work my way through….and despite the inch of standing water all over my lawn again this morning after an entire night of pouring rain, there are little sprouts in the garden. I will weed and thin the moment I can get in there and we have a good start on veggies right there if they don’t drown! I cannot find many “whoo-hoo” bargain items in Fred Meyers anymore, but truthfully, I’m not in the store very often these days.

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