Thriving In My Thrifty Week-April 18, 2023

We had 2 nice days last week. By late afternoon on Friday, I was able to get into the small part of the garden that I planted a few weeks ago. Those have been the only two dry periods this spring and it’s been raining ever since. I knew I needed to work out there as much as I could. I did what I could Friday evening and then started in at 7:15 Saturday. I finally stopped around 5:30, with a couple of breaks in-between. I will admit I was tired and sore, but felt wonderful to finally be able to get outside.

Rob had a lot of other things to do that day, so gave me moral support and a little help in the morning and throughout the day as he breezed in and out, everyone else had other plans as well, so it was just me and Malcolm digging in the dirt all day. It was a dream day for both of us.

Mac loves to dig in the dirt so much that he spent quite a bit of time moving dirt from one flowerpot to the raised bed. He used a little shovel and bucket and dug out so much dirt and surviving flowers from last fall. They aren’t looking so good anymore. They survived winter, but not Mac. He took so much dirt from the pot that I finally got him a bag of steer manure compost and let him spread it on a raised bed, one little shovelful at a time. So then, the pot didn’t have much dirt left and he started in on other pots. Rob got a bag of cheap soil at the store and we poured it into the pot when he wasn’t looking and he started on that again, hopefully saving our overwintered geraniums:). My little pot of lettuce wasn’t so lucky. I’m so glad he likes it outside and I want to cultivate that in him, so all this is worth it to me.

The blackberries (Marion berries) needed attention. I dug out copious amounts of quack grass from underneath. It was a terrible mess, to be truthful. We untangled the new canes and cut out the old ones. We tied up the new canes. Some organic fertilizer was applied later and Rob picked up a van load of steer manure compost, soil and mulch at Home Depot. Some of that will go on those berries, but I figured I could do that when it was raining, so I focused on the things I needed to do while it was not pouring rain.

During the previous dry few days a month or so ago, I worked on the raspberries and got those all tied up. Friday evening, I did start to weed out underneath them again–of course the weeds are having no trouble growing. I will put down the amendments and mulch once I finish.

Between the two days, I was able to hoe, hand weed and thin all of the area I had planted. I’m so happy that the crows did not decimate my peas–there’s a great stand there in the middle–5 rows. The seeds Rob saved for carrots and beets came up so thickly that I went ahead and started some rough thinning. I may need to thin more later, but baby plants can still get eaten by slugs, bugs, or birds, so I left a good amount until I see what happens.

I planted cabbage–both Copenhagen and Pinetree Mix, Romensco broccoli and Hybrid Broccoli Blend from our greenhouse. In this picture, I had only started planting onions, but I did finish that row. It’s half White Sweet Spanish and half Red Bull onions. I have many more to plant, especially my Patterson storage, but I ran out of tilled earth.

I planted some lettuce starts–Romaine, Drunken Frizzy Headed Woman lettuce and a few seeds of a mixture. In one of my raised beds (not shown), I planted another small area of snow peas, lettuce, marigolds, a few more radishes, and a few extra leftover plants of broccoli and cabbage. I did put in a few kale plants, as well.

We did get a few more things done this week. Rob found these jars at a thrift store. He ordered new seals from Amazon for the ones that needed them and replaced the old ones on all but one. I have some bulk foods in them now and they seal up very well when I close them.

The boys made snickerdoodles on the day after Easter. I guess more sugar was needed:)

They had fun.

Later in the week, I made pumpkin cookies with cinnamon frosting. Most of these cookies were frozen and I sent some along to the young adult group I cook for on Tuesdays.

I sent Mustard Barbecued Chicken Drumsticks, Cranberry-Walnut Coleslaw, green salad and cookies to the group today. Guess what our meal was today. Hmmm–chicken, coleslaw, salad and cookies? Yes! You got it on the first try. That and chicken soup.

I also made lasagna, pork roast, chicken-rice soup, Peanut Chicken with Rice Noodles, a large pot of brown rice which was eaten with a sweet and sour chicken Rob made and by Malcolm, who loves it with milk and cinnamon sugar. We finished up the soups from last week, and the chili.

I had so much food left over from Easter that I skipped a week of shopping. I did go last evening and got a few items at Safeway and a few more at Grocery Outlet and we are all set again.

Although I’m longing for nice weather so I can get outside again, I see lots and lots of rain predicted when I look at my weather app. Still, there’s plenty to do inside and I may need to drum up a couple more “inside” projects if the rain keeps on.

Rob continues to prepare for his upcoming trip to Bangladesh. One thing they are doing at church to help out is to collect school supplies to take there in his extra suitcase. The children at church have a campaign going to “fill Mr. Rob’s suitcase” and they have his extra one down there, filling it up. There have been lots of supplies gathered and he’s excited to take them. In fact, he’s getting so excited about the whole trip. It’s good to see him so excited.

12 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week-April 18, 2023”

  1. You and Rob have been busy! The cranberry walnut slaw sounds yummy. I think I’ll try that. The boys are learning such good skills, while spending time with you.

  2. Yesterday there was a video of two of our grandchildren filling up window boxes for Mama out of trashcan of potting soil. They had small shovels so it kept them busy for awhile! I remember making mud pies by the hour as a kid. Nothing like dirt to play in! And hahaha isn’t that what we gardeners love too? I am just waiting for it to warm up!

    1. I can remember making so many mud pies, too. I had little pans and decorated them with flowers. The best of both worlds–cooking and flowers:)

  3. I just love seeing how your garden has come along. It just shows what can be done ‘even’ on a city lot. And your helper is cute as a bug and I love seeing his ‘mini-me’ mower in the photos.

    and that cookie making photo is priceless!! No doubt there that at least one helper was sampling the goods. LOL.

  4. I am amazed at the size of your garden, Becky, and how you manage to do all the things you do! Good thing you have Mac helping you! 😀 Looking forward to seeing your garden grow!

  5. Wow Becky, I feel tired just reading all you did this week! I too got some lettuce, spinach, Kale, beets and chard seeds in the ground. I’ve never tried starting any of those indoors, perhaps I will next year. But we got a new 4 inches of snow last night, so no time in the garden for a few days.
    I trust that the young adults are very thankful for all you and Rob do–that’s a lot of time cooking every week, such a ministry.
    Thanks for the Bangladesh update–so exciting for Rob, and all of you, really!

    1. I love it that I got so many things going! I, too, have never tried beets in the greenhouse. I don’t know how it would work. But, every year, we try something new…..always a journey!

  6. You have too much rain and I am wishing for some! Remember me mentioning adding fresh horse manure two months ago? I am very glad I got it but it is mixed with cedar wood pencil shavings from a local factory (no chemicals at all); however, since it wasn’t decomposed, the wood is soaking up all the moisture. If it doesn’t rain, I need to water daily! Thankfully, we have well water or this would have cost a fortune. It’s decomposing quickly because there are earthworms everywhere. I keep telling myself, it was free and it will be worth it.

    1. I think your garden will be even better next year, as well, because of the constant decomposition! But, harder now.

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