Thriving In My Thrifty Week–May 20, 2023-Rob is Back From Bangladesh!

It has been a wild couple of weeks! Rob has safely returned from Bangladesh and I successfully made life work while he was gone, with lots and lots of help from my family. He saw so many interesting sights on his journey. One thing he noticed was how crowded everything was. It was also noisy, with lots of honking and even police sirens mounted on cars. The contrast of how quiet is is here was noticeable to him and he’s enjoying the peace of it. It is considered polite there to honk at everyone!

After traveling for 30 hours to get there, they were put into a van the next morning for a 9-hour ride out to the country where they worked with 100 boys in the 100 degree heat….it went amazing, despite the fact that the team was not used to the heat and their days and nights were swapped from what they were here. They returned to the big city a few days later to work with girls at a couple of girls’ homes.

They got to tour a garment factory one day. This man was showing them how clothes were made. The interesting thing was the clothes are going to a local store right here in our area!

They had so much wonderful food! Most of it was quite spicy. There were a few dishes that were mildly spicy, but more often than not, Rob found his mouth might be on fire after eating the meal. At the breakfast buffet, there were no signs to tell you how mild or spicy things were so he just had to take a small portion and test it until he found one he enjoyed. He had rice for every meal and a lot of curry.

He got to taste fruits he had never had before. These grew on a tree, but he doesn’t know what they are called. He had an excellent time, and felt good that they got to work with so many kids, as well as a group of men one day. Then they travelled home. He’s very tired and getting his days and nights sorted out, but every day, I’m hearing a little more about his trip. We are both so happy he got to go. So many prayers were answered.

It was very inspiring and eye-opening to see how others live in a part of the world we know so little about and to help so many orphans, even in what felt like a small way. They sang songs, did crafts, told stories, played with them and encouraged the staff at the facilities they worked at. The people were so warm and friendly to them everywhere they went.

In the meanwhile, I was home working frantically on the garden and yard, working and taking care of the house and life. On the days I worked a different family member would come over to play with Malcolm and on the weekends his auntie helped with him. We took him to get his hair cut, to the McDonald’s play place, to the carousel, to the park, and had little brother over to play twice. We had to keep him busy because he was so sad that Papa was gone. The first day after Rob returned, he followed him everywhere. If Rob got in bed, he got in bed with him, if Rob went outside, he went out, and so forth. I found them both asleep at one point, with Malcolm holding onto Rob’s beard–he wasn’t taking any chances!!!

I got almost everything planted in the garden. I weeded for hours, but have so much more to do. The crows ate our green bean sprouts so Mac and I replanted those. I was able to clean up the deck, re-work some pots of flowers saved over from last year and put geraniums back into the ground. Rob digs them each fall, and I put them back out each spring. I had a few little flower starts we planted in the greenhouse that I tucked into the pots that held overwintered geraniums and got the Columbine plants Rob green into pots or the ground. There were about 16 of them, so there should be lovely flowers for years to come here and there.

On Friday, we went on a small hike, just the two of us. It was fun to hear all about the trip, and just spent time with Rob after his absence.

There are so many wildflowers in bloom right now. It was amazing! We just went about a mile in and a mile out, and had a wonderful time just being together.

20 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week–May 20, 2023-Rob is Back From Bangladesh!”

  1. You two look so happy to be together! And how precious is it that Malcolm hung on to Rob’s beard! That story gave me such a smile. A boy and his Papa.

    1. I was so happy that he got to go, and super, super glad when he got back safe and sound, that’s for sure. It was also so rare and special to get to slip away for even a few hours to take a mini hike with him. I’ve got to say, he was dragging his heels-he’s so tired–but I’m glad he wanted to get out anyway.

  2. So glad to hear that Rob has returned safely from his trip. The fruit look like lychee to me.

    1. I think it was lychee.
      Rob also got to try every kind of curry under the sun. He really liked that, too. He said some was super hot, and some not so hot, but all of the food was full of tons of spices of one kind or another. He actually bought some spices in a store they visited and brought them home, so we shall see if I can make something that tastes good from them. I’ve made curry before, so I’ll start there!

    1. He said he was told that some could be red, but the lady who was cooking gave them to them green. He liked them. He did not especially enjoy the rock-hard, green mango they also served, as he is used to eating it ripe, but they sure did seem to enjoy it that way! It was super fun for him to try so many new foods.

  3. The fruit looks like lychee (spelling?). You can buy them peeled in a can (similar style to pears or peaches here in the US) in the Asian foods aisle. We had them when I spent a summer in Thailand – very delicious right off the tree!

    So glad everything went well and a difference was made!

    1. Rob is so happy with what they got to do over there. It feels like a drop in the bucket when you see how much more could be done, but you have to start somewhere!

  4. You and Rob are so big hearted, always sharing your time and
    talent with others. Bless you both! Btw I think those fruits are

    1. I wondered if that’s what they were, but I’ve never actually seen one or eaten one, so I just didn’t know.

      1. Definitely a lychee. We have them on our tree here in our garden in Israel. They’re hardy fruit that grow well and absolutely delicious served cold. Some people don’t like them because of the texture (slightly slimy?) but I could sit under the tree and eat every single one of them if my family allowed me 🙂

  5. What a wonderful trip! I am looking forward to hearing more of Rob’s stories after he catches up on his sleep.

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