Thriving In My Thrifty Week—June 12, 2023

This week, I went to a U-Pick strawberry patch, all by myself:). I know he would have enjoyed it, but I was so glad he wasn’t there when I saw the (seriously) 150+ people who were swarming the field. I got enough for a batch of jam and some to freeze for smoothies and some to eat fresh. It was hard to find ripe berries, actually. After seeing the people come and come and come, I could see why. I may try again soon, or just make out with what I got.

I think Malcolm is trying to wink at Papa. He loves “bahberries.” In fact, I stepped outside for a minute the day I brought them home and came back only to see the floor littered with little green tops–he’d eaten as many as he could grab. We got those picked up and I turned my back and …….yep! We had to clean the floor again. I’m so glad he didn’t get sick.

The garden still takes quite a bit of time each day. It’s growing so well, as are the weeds. We are eating lettuce daily and sharing with many. The peas are almost ripe. I mean they maybe would plump up if a certain little boy wasn’t out there stripping off any that look like they are growing….It warms my heart to see him enjoy them so much and like Rob says, “He’s eating vegetables, we can always buy a bag of peas at the store.” I’m pretty sure we will get a big batch one of these days–it will be beyond what he can eat.

We are harvesting a few snow peas every couple of days and my cilantro is bolting. I’ve been using the lower leaves anyway in salads and marinades. I will pull that out and let the next planting be used very soon. I put more seeds in the ground but have none yet. I may need to replant.

The compost heap on the right has been emptied completely. I’ve been working on it for a while and now we have started dumping new scraps in there. I have side-dressed the celery, some cabbage and cauliflower and some onions with part of it, as they were struggling where they were. These 3 buckets are all that’s left to disperse and I have plenty of places that could use it. There’s never enough compost! There is one more bin that needs emptying on the other side of the garden.

Malcolm has spent hours and hours working on this project and pouring his buckets all over the place. It’s so cute! I’m glad to have this bin finally empty and he still has another bin to get into in a different place. Otherwise, he just digs holes in the garden. That works, too.

We went to the library this week and watched a preschool show. We also signed up both Malcolm and my nephew, Jake for summer reading.

It was party week. We attended a graduation ceremony Friday, a grad party Saturday and a birthday party Sunday afternoon. I haven’t cooked a whole lot this past weekend.

I did make gluten-free hamburger buns early in the week. They came out great. I made pulled pork sandwiches for us and the college group I cook for weekly. I used extras for sandwiches a few times.

We loaded up on $1.99/lb boneless-skinless chicken breast and thighs today. 3 packs in all. I froze them in meal-sized portions. I popped some Mexican-inspired marinade on some of the chunks to use tomorrow for SW chicken salads for the college group and some to freeze. Milk was $1.29 for 1/2 gallon so we got 2 of those. There were sausage rolls for $1.99 and those kielbasas for $1.99 each. I grabbed a few of those.

We passed up the $5.99/package tator tots. Seriously? It wasn’t even a big package. We got 10 lbs. of potatoes for about $5.

I’m already having an easier time stretching my time between grocery store trips, due to the abundance of lettuce in the garden. I’m also still loaded up with home-canned food and things I froze last summer. This is a wonderful time of year to be cooking and there’s so much more growing out there. I love it!

8 thoughts on “Thriving In My Thrifty Week—June 12, 2023”

  1. Sounds like you are doing really well, Becky, and what a wonderful little helper you’ve got there! 😀

  2. You have the BEST garden helper I’ve ever seen!!! I hope you all enjoy every minute of your bounty!

    1. Right now, my little helper is eating lots of dill and cilantro, straight up. My bushes are looking a little scraggly. And, he ate so many peas that when I looked at the patch, I thought there weren’t ripe ones. But boy, were there, in other places. So cute!

  3. Yes frozen potatoes are a crazy price! We had grandchildren coming from out of state over Memorial Day weekend and had to go to two stores to even find tater tots. We paid 3.28 for Walmart brand and that was only i think 28 ounces. We were at the salvage grocery last week and bought a five pound bag of restaurant FF for 8.99 but they used to be 5.99.

  4. Love your updates and photos. Strawberries were one of the best plants in my garden, hands down worth the space. And they’d self plant – free plants!!

    I can finally see progress on my little backyard — 15ft deep by about 30foot. Thursday a friend is coming over to help put down landscape fabric and build out two raised beds – one is 4X4 and the other is 3X5. I know – don’t fall off your chair laughing. But this will be my garden space for now.

    I hired some guys to put down gravel in the other space I thought I’d use for garden beds. But it looks so nice and tidy, I don’t want to put the beds there now. LOL..but it’s an option later. Slow and steady I’m getting it done. I also have 5 huge cloth grow bags to fill and space for those.

    1. It sounds like you are making real progress! I’ve seen quite a few U-Tube videos where they lay down landscape fabric and/or gravel and it does look so neat and tidy. It seems so managable. But, I still need more growing room, so I won’t be doing that right now. I’m excited you are, though. I think it would help so much!

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