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Menu Plan for the Week of Jan. 2, 2015


Rob was able to capture these ice crystals this morning when he went out on hours and hours of errands with the kids (Bless that man!).  I stayed home to clean, do laundry, and otherwise organize things after a busy holiday season followed by a few days away at the coast.  One thing I wanted to do is make a menu plan.  Ready or not, our busy life starts again tomorrow!  We both do better if we are not staring at one another saying “what do you want to eat” while the children demand food.

Our breakfasts are usually yogurt, cereal, toast, and often, leftovers.  Each person gets what they want.

Our lunches are usually leftovers, salads, packed lunches, or sandwiches.

So, I’ve just written down 1 meal per day.

Saturday:  Lasagna, green beans, salad  (The lasagna was frozen in the camper and now gets to be used up at home.)

Sunday:  Big birthday lunch at my sister’s house after church.  We are celebrating 3 birthdays.  There will be sub sandwiches, soups, and dessert.  My share is a large platter of lettuce, tomatoes, onions, pickles, etc. and gluten free buns.  I made those today. 

Monday:  Chili in the crockpot (I work a lot that day)

Tuesday:  Pork on bbq–Rob’s choice of cooking

Wednesday:  Turkey soup in the crock pot (Work again, sure glad Santa listened and got me that new crock pot–the other one would constantly short itself out while I was gone!)

Thursday:  Leftovers (girls have dance and we aren’t home until 6:30-so food quickly heated up in the microwave is best or a crock pot meal)

Friday:  Tacos

I pull vegetables from the canning cupboards or freezer daily to go with these meals.  Right now, I have frozen broccoli, cauliflower, squash, green beans and a few pea pods to choose from.  I have home-canned carrots and beans.  One of Rob’s errands was to get large bags of lettuce from Cash and Carry so we will have enough for the condiment tray for tomorrow and salads all week. He also got us huge bottles of salad dressing there, for a much cheaper price than the regular store.  He also went to Costco for a few things, and finished up at Fred Meyers.  I had him pick up tomatoes, too, but am not sure where he got the best price, as he isn’t home yet.  I have home-canned pickles, and home-grown onions from our garden last summer.  We will make gluten-free muffins, cornbread, or other gf bread products on occasion when we have time, for breakfasts and to go with dinners.  Often, though, we have a main item, salad and a vegetable, or 2 vegetables for a meal and forget the bread product entirely.

I wrote this information on the whiteboard for all to see.  My children thrive on routine and order.  We can change the menu, though, with a swipe of the eraser, if need be.



Allergy Friendly Holiday Meal

A simple table setting

Last night, our oldest daughter, Abbie and her husband, Keith, and Maddie and Carter came over for dinner.  We had a very nice time visiting, and eating together.  The visiting part is easy.  We could chat for hours!  The eating part is a little more challenging.  I cannot eat gluten at all, not even one crumb, or I get very sick.  Abbie can eat gluten, but cannot eat eggs, dairy, beef, watermelon, blackberries and more.   She will break into hives if she does and get migraines.  So, between both of our needs, it takes a little planning to get a meal we can all enjoy.

We started by thawing one of the chickens Rob raised.  He also got out a package of steak, because Keith loves steak and we love Keith.  (Seriously we do–he’s a great son-in-law–nice to our daughter, good sense of humor, etc.)  He doesn’t get it much because Abbie can’t have beef.  Rob barbecued the meat with Lowrie’s Seasoning Salt, because we can eat it, and put nothing else on it.  He also baked plain potatoes on the grill as well, wrapped in foil.

I boiled home-canned green beans and home-canned corn, with salt and pepper only.  I put home-made dill pickles and bread and butter pickles into a divided glass dish.  We put out little dishes of butter, sour cream, cottage cheese (for the potatoes), barbecue sauce, other sauces we had on hand, and just let everyone fix up their exceedingly plain food the way they wanted it and could have it.  It was a simple, plain dinner served on china and fancy glass dishes.

I wanted something a little fancier for dessert, but not too fancy.


I decided to make chocolate cupcakes that were gluten-free, dairy-free, soy free, and egg free.  I used a recipe I found in a free Kindle cookbook.  I had to change quite a few things to make it work, so I won’t be posting it unless I have a chance to re-work it a little more.  Sometimes I think the different flour mixtures work differently and recipes have to be fussed with.  I used Bob’s Red Mill 1-to-1 gluten free flour mix.  It’s my favorite one for most things and includes xanthum gum in the mix.  I used a combination of coconut milk and almond milk and it called for a little cider vinegar, so I put it in.  I made chocolate frosting with Earth Balance dairy-free spread, cocoa powder, powdered sugar, almond milk and vanilla.  Then I topped them with some decorations that looked  “safe” but left a few undecorated just in case she didn’t want to take the chance.  I was pleased with the results and the whole evening.  We exchanged gifts, except for the turkey we gave them as their gift.  Rob had delivered it the day it was butchered and they have already cooked it.  They have other plans on Christmas Day, so we were glad to spend some time last evening.