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Happy Thanksgiving-2018


I want to wish each and every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving Day!

We got up bright and early this morning, and Rob has already finished cooking the turkey on his barbecue.  He has a ham going out there, now.


We’ve got stuffing, vanilla rosemary maple glazed sweet potatoes and of course, green bean casserole ready to pop into the oven to finish warming.  The sweet potatoes will have maple candied walnuts on top, and I was delighted to find gluten-free fried onions to put on the green beans.


An apple pie with streusel topping awaits.  The table is covered with trivets and pot holders waiting for all the great food and goodies the family will bring.

The house is spotless, thanks to the family members who came yesterday and helped clean.  The table in the garage is out from it’s load of clutter it carries between holidays and looks pretty with a freshly ironed tablecloth. (Thanks, guys!). There are chairs in every nook and cranny around the house.  All we need now are the guests, and they should start arriving before too long.   It’s shaping up to be a wonderful day, full of family and friends.  Although we will miss the ones who cannot be here, they will be in our thoughts on this day, especially.  We have much to be thankful this year.

Rob and I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to each of you and your families on this day.  I’m sure there are as many different ways of celebrating as there are people in this country, but I know every one of us has a lot to be grateful for.  I love having a day where I can take a moment and reflect on all the blessings the Lord has brought to me this year.  Have a wonderful day!

Weekly Update–Saving Money–March 18, 2018


This weekend was not as fun as last weekend.  I caught some kind of crud and have been on the couch, whiny and grumpy and bored.  I am a terrible patient!  But, Rob has taken excellent care of me, it’s nothing serious, and I’ll soon be back to my regular ways.  So, since I do most of my chores, money-saving activities, and projects on the weekends, there’s not much to report.  There were a few things that did happen, though, so I’ll get on to those.

One of my orchids re-bloomed.  I accomplished this amazing feat by putting the plant in the laundry room, forgetting all about it, and barely ever remembering to water it.  It rewarded me with these delicate blooms that are a little over an inch across.  I’m enjoying them so much!  I moved it out to the main part of the house when I realized it was going to bloom. I hope the extra care and attention doesn’t mess things up for the plant!


Earlier in the week, I hoed out a small area in my garden, under the trellis where I grew purple pole beans last year.  It was very wet, and I don’t like to work in the garden very much when it is so wet, so I removed the weeds, poured down a little super-cheap topsoil from Walmart, and planted Alderman Tall Telephone peas.  Hopefully, they will come up and start growing.  I can get in there and straighten up the trellis and replace the baling twine when the garden dries out a bit.  Once it does, Rob can till a small area and I can get some early cool-weather crops planted, such as carrots, beets, lettuce, onions, etc.  The greenhouse plants are doing well.


I cooked one of the turkeys I got last Thanksgiving for a super low price.  I boiled the bones, and Rob strained the broth and froze it.  The meat was supposed to be for Sunday dinner today, but they are sick over there, too, so I froze most of it.

Rob went shopping for me and got all the bargains from 2 stores, even visiting one of them twice.  Some of his notable finds were:  butter for $1.89!!!  (As most people know, I’ve been on a butter hunt for months, trying to find it for $2/lb.  I’ve found a few, but not many boxes at my price point.  My Safeway app popped up with this deal.  He went and asked, there was no limit, and he got 10!!  That is a man who knows how to make his wife happy!!) 2-lb bags of shredded Kroger cheese for $3.99/bag.  He got the 5 allowed.  He got the Friday Freebies, and even got them to substitute for the item they were out of.  I hadn’t been to that store for a while, so he got 3 weeks worth.  Chips and candy.  Yum.  He got 2 more jugs of laundry soap for $5 each.  1 carton of 18 eggs for 99c.  Those were the main stock-up items he got along with a few other items on the list.  I was impressed.  The Great Butter Hunt is over for a while…..at least until Jake comes over for bagels and popcorn!!



I picked a bouquet of daffodils from my yard.   The previous owners had planted quite a few in various places. Along the sidewalk, Patsy’s daffodils are blooming like crazy now, and promise to fill out more and more each year.

Some weeks are like this.  It’s a part of my crazy, wild life, and getting sick sometimes happens, even though I’d rather skip that part.    Still, I am very glad to get this sickness out of the way now, since I plan to go on a little trip at the end of the week.  Rob and I are planning to slip away to visit friends for a couple of days.  Just us.  A rare, priceless gift, that so seldom comes my way.  I can’t wait!

From Turkey to Burger


On Monday morning, Rob loaded up the 18 turkeys he has been raising.  Their time had come.  With a pickup load of cages, he and Ja’Ana set off for the processing plant we use.  It is 1-1/2 hours from our home.  We use them because 1)They do an excellent job, 2)They are extremely reasonable in their pricing, 3)There aren’t many places around here that specialize in poultry.

It only took them about 1-1/2 hours to do the job.   He had 5 cut up for us to grind into turkey burger, 1 cut in 1/2 (for the 2 single people on our gift list), and the rest left whole. Rob and Ja’Ana killed the wait time in a little diner, eating breakfast and visiting.  It was good daddy-daughter time, for sure.

On the way home, they delivered turkeys to the relatives who were receiving them for Christmas. Last year, we did chickens and they were much appreciated.   Ja’Ana wisely used the time to sell pies to all the relatives–she’s earning money for a retreat she wants to go on in January, and that is the fund-raiser to help with the cost of that.  They picked Lovana up from work, and went to a friend’s house to borrow a meat grinder.  It was a long day.  They didn’t get home until around 6:30, where they got white bean chili or ham and beans from the crock pots.  (I soaked too many navy beans, so made 2 things and will freeze the extra).

The 5 whole turkeys we are keeping, plus the 1 undelivered one went into the emptied chest freezer in the garage.  The 5 cut-up ones went on ice in coolers until Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday morning, Rob cut the bones out of the breasts and thighs of the 5 turkeys.  The drumsticks and wings were frozen in zip-top bags for future meals, 2 per package.  The bones that were cut off, plus the necks and backs were frozen for broth making another day.


Then he ground it 2 times.  We had 3 of these large Tupperware bowls full of the first grind.  While he was grinding, he removed any tendons, stringy muscles, etc., whatever didn’t look like we wanted to eat it.  He ground it twice to get those undesirable things out, and also to get a good mix between the light and dark meat.


During the second grind, Ja’Ana held the bags over the end of the grinder, and the finished burger was pushed into the bags by the machine.  I wrote on the bags, twist-tied them, and generally ran back and forth, fetching and carrying things for Rob.  I also took the finished bags, bones, meat pieces, etc. to the freezer and loaded it up.  There was a pretty big mess to clean up afterwards.

When we were done, we had 32 approximately 1-pound packages (we did not weigh, but filled to a marked line on the bag) and Rob made 2 pans of meatloaf.  We also have 5 whole turkeys, 10 drumsticks and 10 wings.  I will get a lot of broth one of these days, and I will pressure can it into both pints and quarts.  It was a very productive day and my 1 empty freezer is now full with the fruits of Rob’s labors.