Michaela’s Pillow


Michaela loves the Seattle Seahawks.  Recently, she and I made a plan for her to make a Seattle Seahawks pillow from fleece.  I got the fleece and saved it for when she was going to spend a few nights at my house.


I cut it out for her.  She cut a couple of corners out, but felt like it was making her too nervous.  She was worried that she would wreck it, but she did a great job on the corners she did cut.  I started with a double layer of fleece, and cut it to about 29 inches square.  I then cut out 6 inch squares out of the corners, and cut strips approximately 1 inch by 6 inches around the pillow.  Then, I showed her how to tie.  She tied.  I tied.  Her sister tied.  At last it was done, except for a couple of stray ties that weren’t.  Oops!  So, while she was in the other room, Rob and I untied and retied one side, and it was done!

We had a 16 inch pillow form I had hoped to use.  After tying it part way, it became apparent we needed a bigger one.  Rob took Michaela to the fabric store and they got an 18 inch one instead.  Notice the clever use of the scraps–she made herself a headband/hat with them.


Little brother had to have one, too.IMG_1745It was a great project.  It didn’t take too long, she could tie the ties with some help, and she loves it.  She is a girl who knows what she likes, that’s for sure, and she likes this pillow.

5 thoughts on “Michaela’s Pillow”

  1. Your niece is too cute! My daughter would also love a pillow like that. It’s so soft and cuddly! I’m glad she had fun making the pillow with everyone’s help. The headband is pretty cool too. The piece looks like it may be long enough to be a warm scarf….another way to use those leftovers!

    1. I have seen quite a bit of plaid, here in Oregon, anyway. It’s kind of timeless, as well as super cute.

      The pillow was easy. One of my girls has made a blanket that way. It was easiest for her to lay it out on the floor and just do it there so it didn’t get mixed up. She finished it quickly. Good luck if you try one.

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